Laser Therapy

What do you imagine when you hear laser therapy? You might think of a painful surgical procedure that requires long preparation and recovery. In fact, we mean a non-invasive procedure that has gained wide popularity for two reasons: proven efficiency by scientific studies and users, and the possibility of using it at home.

Briefly about laser therapy:

What is laser therapy? It is a medical procedure that uses a laser to eliminate skin problems, heal wounds, reduce pain, etc.

How does laser therapy work? The laser penetrates your skin and affects the cells, accelerating the regenerative processes.

Does laser therapy work? Miscellaneous studies state high efficacy for various treatment issues:

  • Skin tightening. Three analyzed studies show that the procedure is effective because it has positive results: an increase in collagen and elastin levels by 32% and 42%, respectively; reduction of body fat by 18% and skin tightening; lifting of at least 14% of skin areas [1, 2, 3].
  • Blood circulation improvement [4].
  • Improvement in the symptoms of arthritis and tendinitis [5, 6].
  • Chronic pain relief, and healing of wounds and burns [7, 8].

So, in our articles, we introduce different types of therapy, including cold laser and infrared laser therapy, to explain to you in simple terms what it is and whether it is effective. Also, you will find reviews of laser therapy devices based on the experience of real users.

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