Laser Hair Growth

Laser hair growth has made hair loss treatment easier than ever before. You may already be familiar with laser therapy, a non-invasive treatment that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne, scars, and more. However, recent studies have shown that laser therapy can also be beneficial for treating hair loss.

How does it work? The laser is directed to the scalp to increase blood flow, which promotes healthy hair follicle growth. The advantages of laser hair growth treatment are painlessness and lack of recovery period. Thus, you can immediately start your business after the procedure.

Laser Hair Growth

Did we mention research earlier? Now, they show that a laser for hair growth significantly improves symptoms. Here are the results of some of them:

  • The group of people who received laser caps for hair growth treatment had 39% more hair growth effect [1].
  • Men and women of different ages were treated using a low-intensity laser hair growth helmet. As a result, the area of hair growth increased by 20 square cm [2].
  • 7 men and 28 women were treated with laser therapy and received a significant improvement in hair growth: 55-74% in the vesicle and 65-120% in the crown [3].

Perhaps the main advantage of therapy is the possibility of treatment at home. We are here to help you! We study laser caps for hair growth user reviews so that you can find the most suitable device. However, do not forget that self-medication can lead to irreversible consequences, so it is crucial to consult a doctor before trying any devices.

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