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To ensure that our website has useful content consistently and to meet our operation and maintenance costs, we have a policy allowing us to work with advertisers on an unbiased basis. As part of our commitment to transparency, we have made our advertising policy public, including our criteria, how we select advertisements, and what it takes to qualify for a spot on our website.

The content writing and advertising on are always differentiated clearly.

  • We establish, execute, and create boundaries between journalistic material and advertisements. Sponsored and paid content is clearly delineated on our website.
  • An “Advertising,” “Sponsored,” or “Ad” tag or a textual indication will always appear on sponsored or “Native” ads to help readers distinguish the kind of content that the sponsor paid for.
  • There will also be a mark on our website that indicates what the type of content is, and whether it's sponsored or textual.
  • Advertisers, sponsors, and ad-placing partners cannot influence our editorial content.

Advertiser Disclosure

Our articles may contain “affiliate links” that lead to advertisers' offers. If you click on these links, Jose Diego Mier could get paid. Nonetheless, Jose Diego Mier's editorial team does not allow advertising compensation to influence its recommendations or advice in its articles or anyone else's content.

Jose Diego Mier makes every effort to give current, factual information that is pertinent to our readers, but does not guarantee that it is. Neither do we make any representations or warranties about how accurate or useful the information provided is.

Advertising complaints policy

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