What Does iRestore Do To Your Hair: Before & After Results

Does your hair-washing routine end with numerous locks of hair in the bathroom? Or maybe your hairbrush is always clogged? Unfortunately, the hair loss statistics don’t show encouraging results as this problem becomes increasingly popular

That’s why iRestore is one of the leaders in providing devices for hair loss home treatment. But does it do what it is supposed to? That is the reason we dived deep into this topic, and analyzed hundreds of reviews, before–after photos, and the technology behind the iRestore hair growth system. Now be prepared as we are ready to reveal the truth to you! 

Look at our comparison of two leaders – iRestore and Capillus – to find out which one is the best for you!

What Is iRestore Hair Growth System?

The history of the company is pretty exciting, as it was founded in 2003 under the name “Freedom Laser Therapy”. Its target audience was smokers and the mission of the company was to help overcome their addiction in a safe and non-invasive way using modern low-level laser technology (LLLT). 

After years of successful experience, guys from “Freedom Laser Therapy” decided to explore the hair loss problem. They invested time, resources, and background in using LLLT to come up with a revolutionary solution for such a big issue – iRestore. Today they want to restore confidence as they believe that hair loss treatment should be available to everyone.

As you’ll need to use your iRestore every other day, design is an important part. iRestore has thought about your comfort and created its devices helmet-like, which makes them so comfortable for every other day use. If you want to find what are the differences and what iRestore helmet to use, simply jump to the relevant section.    

iRestore and Capillus are frequently pitted against each other in the quest for effective hair loss treatment. Given their reputation, making the right choice can be challenging.

Dive into our iRestore vs. Capillus comparison to find the device that suits your specific needs.

What Does Science Say About iRestore?

It's hard to deny that the history and mission of the iRestore company are insightful, as you can feel their concern for popular issues in society. We've already mentioned that iRestore has been using LLLT since its beginning, and their hair loss helmets are no exception. So let’s explore the technology behind iRestore devices to better understand their working pattern.

iRestore before and after

Firstly, when LLLT was found it was mainly used for treating some musculoskeletal issues, smoking cessation, and pains. However, scientists found a new potential using later: hair loss treatment. [1]

The goal of this research [7] was to investigate the impact of LLLT on reducing hair loss. So there were two groups of men, 18 people each. Group number 1 got red light therapy caps, while the second one got usual light caps with no technologies behind them (placebo effect). All of them had 10-minute daily sessions for 16 weeks. After the experiment ended, the first group has shown an increase in hair density of about 26.3 hairs/cm2 compared to 0 in the placebo group. 

The results of this study [5] may be more satisfying for you, despite its similarity to the previous one. Men and women aged 19 to 65 years with active hair loss were randomly divided into two groups. Participants in the first group were using a red light helmet device for treatment. Others were equipped with simple helmets (the same placebo effect). The experiment lasted for 16 weeks and the results seem impressive. The first group that was using a red light therapy helmet got an incredible 38.3% increase in hair density (from 109.27 hairs/cm2 to 151.17 hairs/cm2). What about the second group? There weren’t any changes at all, too.    

One research has shown that LLLT can decrease inflammation in the scalp, which in its turn can be a major contributor to hair loss. Inflammation harms your hair growth, so by reducing it, iRestore devices create a favorable environment for hair to develop. [6]

Your Best Suiting Model: Professional vs. Essential

You may be curious about two iRestore helmets: Professional and Essential. Why is there a difference in the price? What is better for you? Let us shortly explain everything about these two. 

But before we start, you should know that iRestore has a hair quiz on its website. It considers your gender, age, and even your hair stage as it shows pictures, and you have to choose the one that is the best suitable for you. After you answer everything, the analysis is done and iRestore suggests what helmet you should invest in based on your criteria. 

Nevertheless, what are the basic distinctions? We have created a table for better comprehension where all the main characteristics are included.


Lasers and LEDs 51 Medical-Grade Lasers and 69 Red Luminous LEDs (with 600 mW total

Cover zones.

✓ Hairline
✓ Top scalp
✓ Crown

Price $695*


Lasers and LEDs 82 Medical-Grade Lasers and 200 Red Luminous LEDs (with 1410 mW total power output)

Cover zones

✓ Hairline
✓ Temples
✓ Sides
✓ Lower crown

Price $1,195*

* – the current price at the moment of writing the article.

Session duration25 minutes, every other day
Expected time for visible results3 to 6 months

Well, now we know how to distinguish iRestore Essential and Professional, so let’s find out what cases will be better treated with what model.

iRestore Essential is the perfect option for those who have problems with the hairline, top scalp, or crown. It may sound obvious, but in this case, you don’t have to pay more. The exception can be the fact when you have rapidly evolving issues with those areas, as iRestore Professional with its 282 laser hair growth bundle may prevent them from developing faster.

Looking for an alternative? Find out what is better – iRestore or Capillus!

iRestore Before And After 

And here we came up with the most interesting part! Hundreds of reviews and before-after photos were analyzed to select the most objective results (considering lighting and other factors) to help you make the right choice.

The result of using iRestore Professional for 6 months
The result of using iRestore Professional for 6 months
The results of using iRestore Professional for 5 months
The results of using iRestore Professional for 5 months
Effect of using iRestore Essential for 8 months
Effect of using iRestore Essential for 8 months
iRestore Essential progress after less than 6 months
iRestore Essential progress after less than 6 months
Incredible iRestore Essential improvement in less than 3 months
Incredible iRestore Essential improvement in less than 3 months
The results of using iRestore Professional for 6 months
The results of using iRestore Professional for 6 months
Looking for an option to combat hair loss? In our detailed iRestore vs. Capillus comparison, you'll find valuable insights that will help you decide which option aligns best with your goals.

iManual: Tips for Effective Use

The results of using iRestore are incredible, aren't they? But how to get the same or even better effect? We have analyzed dozens of reviews to find the best advice.

🏃‍♂️ Don’t rush. The iRestore hair growth system takes time to set all the processes. Just follow the instructions – use your iRestore device for 25-minute sessions every other day. Don't ignore this rule, as insufficient use won't give you the desired results, while daily (or even multiple) uses can do more harm than good.

💊 Don't rely on iRestore as the only possible treatment. We understand that after all the before-and-after pictures you've seen, confidence in buying iRestore may be high. But consider the fact that many people who are on the road to hair loss treatment use iRestore as an additional remedy. You can consult your doctor to put together a good vitamin plan and diet for you. All these details together will speed up your treatment X times!

🧽 Don’t forget to clean your device. The first thing to do is to disconnect your iRestore from the power supply. Then use a dry microfiber wipe or a simple cloth to remove all traces of use. Don't use solvents if you have stains and can't remove them with a dry cloth. Just lightly moisten your so-called cleaning tool. 

📦 Be sure to store it properly. To ensure that your iRestore lasts longer and doesn't lose its benefits, you should store it properly. Therefore, the ideal storage place should be at room temperature and away from sunlight and water (e.g., bathroom, window, etc.).

We’ve explored the usage differences between iRestore and Capillus in our article. Let’s check it!
iRestore before and after

How Long Does It Take To See Noticeable Results?

iRestore before and after sections showed different results for different periods. But how long will it take for you to see an effect?

iRestore claims that it struggles to reduce hair loss for the first 6 months. After that, you'll notice improvements in hair growth. It'll be thicker and fuller. And as you continue using iRestore, more and more healthy hair will grow back.

💭 Reminder:
Consider the fact that people are different, so results and time frames may vary.

What Happens if You Stop Using iRestore

Imagine, that you have been using your iRestore for 1 year and are satisfied with the results. Would stopping using iRestore be a great choice? The answer is NO. It is similar to gym progress, if you stop dieting or working out you’ll lose all the gains. So consider using iRestore helmets as far as you’re satisfied with the results. 

Still feeling unsure about your choice? Check out our article for the ultimate guidance in making your decision on iRestore vs. Capillus.

Final Thoughts

A lot of people are tired of hair loss problems as it is a huge part of everyone’s image. But luckily nowadays, technology can be involved in every aspect of our lives to make them better. iRestore before and after pictures shows a great impact on society, as thousands of people are gaining confidence again. If you are still not sure if these helmets will help you, just give them a try. Develop a personal diet with your doctor and use iRestore as an additional booster. Anyway, there won’t be any improvement without action, so everything is in your hands!   


⏳ How Long Does It Take To See Results From iRestore?

On average, people start to see noticeable results from around 3 to 6 months. The hair grows fuller and thicker. But if you use it for longer than 6 months, it may provoke significant hair growth.

📅 What Happens if You Use iRestore Every Day?

It is recommended to use iRestore devices every other day, because if you use them every day, it may overstimulate your hair follicles, which will harm the restoration process.

🔬 Does iRestore Have Side Effects?

iRestore products are FDA-cleared, so there are no potential risks of using them. In addition, no customers reported any record of side effects caused by iRestore.

👨‍🦲 Does iRestore Cause Hair Loss?

In general, LLLT fights hair loss and promotes hair growth by stimulating cell metabolism. But for the first time, you may notice some hair loss, which shouldn’t scare you as this is a normal process. Your old thin hair is going to fall to be replaced with thicker and healthier ones.

Jose Diego Mier

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Dr. Jose Diego Mier is a board-certified dermatologist with over a decade of experience in light therapy, dermatology, and skin care. As the founder of the Heliotherapy Research Institute, Dr. Mier has dedicated his career to the study and application of light-based therapies for various skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis, eczema, and skin aging. He is renowned for his extensive research contributions, numerous publications in leading dermatology journals, and his work has been recognized with awards for excellence in research and innovation. He has been invited to speak at national and international conferences, sharing his expertise and insights on light therapy and skin care.

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