How Effective Is the Kiierr Laser Cap? — A Doctor’s Review

Today, many people are faced with hair loss and are interested in such methods of its treatment as laser caps. We asked the doctor's opinion about Kiierr laser caps and wrote an article based on his review. 

After reading it, you will know the differences between the available models and which one is the best option for you. Also, we will tell you about their pros and cons, side effects, and effectiveness based on scientific studies.

Take a look at our article to uncover the real effectiveness of laser caps and identify the best device for your needs.

What is a Kiierr laser cap?

The Kiierr laser cap is an FDA-cleared medical device for treating thinning and hair loss that works on Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). This technology is also known as cold laser therapy, photobiomodulation, low-intensity light therapy, and soft laser therapy. Laser caps use low-intensity lasers or light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which, affecting the scalp, increase blood flow, thereby accelerating the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the follicles and accelerating the growth of new hair. LLLT is a non-invasive hair loss treatment method because the laser does not generate heat when applied to the skin.

The Kiierr laser hair cap is designed for men and women with androgenetic alopecia (AGA). This pattern of baldness is the most common type of hair loss. It affects males and females at any age after puberty. In addition, it is suitable for people with mild to moderate alopecia.

Does Kiierr laser cap work? Based on scientific research

As you already know, the Kiierr laser cap system for hair growth is based on low-level laser therapy. Various studies [1] in combating hair loss have proved its effectiveness. Most studies use lasers with wavelengths ranging from 635 to 650 nm. The Kiier cap works with a wavelength of 650 nm, which was shown to be effective for hair growth in a study on 47 women [2]. During the study, participants were treated with a 655nm laser device every other day for 16 weeks. The result was a 37% increase in hair compared to the subjects who received the sham treatment.

Before and after using Kiierr 272 Premium
Before and after using Kiierr 272 Premium

Also, the researchers performed a study on men from 18 to 48 years old. They also used laser devices with a wavelength of 655 nm. The study was completed on 41 patients, of whom 22 were active and 19 were placebos. As a result, after treatment, the increase in hair growth was 39% in the active patients [3]. 

The result of using a Kiierr laser cap
The result of using a Kiierr laser cap

Another study examined the effectiveness of LLLT devices compared to the most popular medical drug for hair growth, 5% minoxidil [4]. The 45 patients were divided into three groups: the first received treatment with minoxidil alone, the second — LLLT alone, and the third — a combination of minoxidil and LLLT. As a result, a significant increase in hair was seen in the combined treatment after two months, but in the other groups only after four months. However, LLLT alone was slightly better than minoxidil alone, while the combination therapy was superior to any treatment alone, indicating the significant role of LLLT in the positive results.

The wavelength of 655 nm refers to red light therapy. You can learn more about it and its pros and cons in our article. 

The difference between Kiierr 148 and 272

The difference between Kiierr 148 and 272

Comparison table:

ModelKiierr 148Kiierr 272
Number of lasers148272
Total power1360 mW1360 mW
Laser wavelength650 nm650 nm
Pulse frequency4.5 Hz4.5 Hz

Kiierer offers two laser caps variants: 148 and 272 laser diodes. Both are cap-shaped and are used to treat androgenic alopecia in men and women. Both use low-level laser therapy technology to regrow hair. Both are FDA-cleared, which makes them safe to use. In addition, they both have the same timeline and wavelength of 650 nm.

If you have a massive hair loss problem, you should use Kiierr 272. In addition to hair loss and thin hair, if you have a sensitive scalp or other issues, Kiierr 272 is also recommended. However, because of the smaller number of lasers, the Kiierr 148 Pro Laser Cap is more suitable for treating mild alopecia or minor hair loss.

Kiierr laser cap detailed reviews

Kiierr 272 Premier

Kiierr 272 Premier

The quickest hair growth

This model is a favorite among customers; it is the most popular position in the Kiierr company. The hair cap has 272 high-quality laser diodes, which is optimal for treating moderate androgenic alopecia (pattern baldness). 

According to customer reviews, there are no particular complaints about it, you can see the results after 10-12 weeks, and there are no side effects. Only some users reported that they did not see any magical results. But here, we should consider that the laser cap works if you have androgenic alopecia:

  • In men, hair loss usually begins above the temples, and baldness eventually takes on the characteristic “M” shape; the hair at the crown also thins, often progressing to baldness.
  • In women, androgenetic alopecia begins with gradual thinning along the parting line, followed by increasing uniform hair loss from the crown.

In other cases, it may not be effective. 

FDA-Cleared Kiierr Laser Cap System for Hair Growth

The Kiierr laser cap has an automatic timer that turns the device off after 30 minutes. Also, the cap beeps every 10 minutes for convenience, so you know how much more you have left to go. That way you don't have to keep track of time on your own and worry if you've overstayed your device more than necessary.

Kiierr laser cap

The company provides a seven-month guarantee if you do not see results within that period, which no other company can offer. 

Kiierr Certified Refurbished 272 Premier

Maybe you liked the previous product, but you don't want to pay that price for it. Fortunately, the company offers remanufactured versions of this cap. The refurbished Premier 272 sells cheaper, which saves 20% of the cost of a new one. But that doesn't make them any worse. The Kiierr Laser Cap Certified Refurbished 272 Premier includes everything the standard version does at a much more affordable price.

Kiierr Certified Refurbished 272 Premier Laser Cap

But you have to consider that refurbished baseball caps are not guaranteed to grow for seven months like Kiierr 272 Premier or 148 Pro, and their standard warranty lasts only one year, which is less than usual. 

Kiierr 272 Premier MD

Kiierr Certified Refurbished 272 Premier

Kiierr 272 Premier MD

The largest treatment coverage area

This bundle is a complete package of everything you need to restore hair growth. In addition to the 272 laser diodes cap, it contains hair care products and vitamins

The Kiierr 272 Premier MD laser cap has an upgraded battery that charges faster and lasts longer (up to 3 sessions on a single charge) than in Kiierr 272 Premier. In addition, the manufacturer claims a battery life of up to 19,000 hours of treatment.

Also, it covers a more significant portion of the head than just the 272 Premier and 148 Pro, which will be handy for those with larger-than-average head sizes. The Kiierr 272 Premier MD size XL laser cap fits heads up to 24 inches. 

It comes with a handy carrying case for transporting a laser cap. It is very rugged yet lightweight, making it ideal for travel. So you can take your Kiierr laser cap system for hair growth anywhere without interrupting your treatment. If you have different laser cap models, you can buy the case separately — it fits the Kiierr 148 Pro and 272 Premiere models.

This model has an extended warranty of three years, compared to other laser caps. 

Kiierr 148 Pro

Kiierr Certified Refurbished 272 Premier

Kiierr 148 Pro

The best budget option

As we wrote above, this model is identical to the Kiierr 272 Premier in terms of power, wavelength, and pulse frequency. The only difference is the number of laser diodes. Because of this, the Kiierr 148 Pro laser cap covers and affects a smaller area of the head. However, it is no less effective — it just takes longer to treat than the 272 diodes. It has the advantage of being a budget option and is 23% less expensive.

This laser cap is suitable for people with minor hair loss because it irradiates a smaller head area than the Kiierr 272. It also has a seven-month money-back guarantee if you do not see hair growth results. 

Don't miss our article, where you can explore alternative laser caps that have proven their effectiveness in addressing hair loss problems.

Customer Reviews

Many hair loss treatments require a significant investment of time and money, making it difficult for people to find a solution that fits their budget and lifestyle. The Kiierr laser caps offer a unique and innovative solution to this problem, providing a convenient and effective way to stimulate hair growth from the comfort of your own home.

So, let's take a closer look at some customer reviews to help you make an informed decision about whether it is the right choice for you.

“After using the Kiierr 272 device consistently for over two years, I have seen remarkable results that have left even my friends astonished. They have been so impressed with the transformation of my hair that they have even asked if I had undergone a hair transplant procedure!

In conjunction with the device, I have also been using their shampoo and Biotin gummies, which have undoubtedly played a significant role in restoring my hair.”

— Shane, WI (about Kiieer 272 Premier)

“After coming across the Kiierr cap online, I made the decision to try it out, although I didn't have high expectations. However, I must say that it has been the best thing I have ever done for my hair and scalp. With only a few treatments, I have already noticed a substantial enhancement in the overall health and appearance of my hair.”

— Donna, CO (about Kiierr 272 Premier MD)

“The laser cap is an incredible innovation! The convenience of this device is unmatched — I simply wear it in the morning while I'm preparing my breakfast and getting ready for the day. The 30-minute treatment time is over before I know it and I only need to use it every two days. 

Not only do I find it incredibly easy to use, but I have also seen significant improvement in the condition of my hair. The bald spot that used to bother me is now a lot thinner and the area has significantly decreased in size. What's more, my hair appears to be growing faster and feels thicker and stronger than before.”

— Gregory, LA (about Kiierr 148 Pro)

“I have been utilizing the Kiierr 272 Premier laser cap for nearly three years and I cannot emphasize enough how much it has improved the thickness and health of my hair. The effects have been remarkable, and I have even noticed a reduction in the number of grey hairs, which may be due to the enhancement of my hair follicles' overall health.”

— Pamela, OK (about Kiierr 272 Premier)

Pros & Cons of Kiierr laser caps

Like all therapies, Kiierr laser hair caps have their pros and cons. Let's take a look at them.


  • It has Premium medical-grade laser diodes, which means the laser cap has more penetration than one that runs on LEDs. Consequently, the effect of such devices is higher, and results can be seen faster.
  • The risk of side effects occurrences is usually low.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • It helps with treating hair thinning.
  • You can get a full refund if there are no results after seven months.
  • Both men and women can use it.
  • FDA-cleared.


  • It takes 10-12 weeks of treatment to see the results.
  • It does not work for all types of hair loss, only for androgenic alopecia.
  • It may not have long-term effects, as they may stop after you use the product.

Side effects

Since low-intensity light therapy is a non-invasive treatment method and Kiierr laser caps for hair growth use safe low-frequency lasers, the risk of side effects is usually low.

In most studies [5], patients reported only mild side effects such as dry skin, irritation, itching, acne, soreness, and a warm feeling on the scalp. No studies have reported any severe adverse occasions that led to treatment interruption or discontinuation, and most side effects go away within two weeks.

Kiierr laser cap systems for hair growth can be used as a stand-alone treatment for hair loss or in combination with other treatments such as topical agents, medications, and hair transplant surgeries. Kiierr LLLT devices and treatment protocols are FDA-cleared for stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss in men and women with androgenic alopecia. 

Consider consulting your doctor before laser therapy if you have any skin conditions or cancer.

❓ Still undecided about whether these devices provide good value for you? Our article presents an in-depth analysis of scientific research regarding their efficacy, coupled with valuable laser cap reviews from users, so you can make an informed decision.


Kiierr laser caps for hair growth are FDA-cleared devices for treating male-type hair loss — androgenic alopecia. The device is suitable for both men and women. Laser caps have been proven effective in several studies, as they are based on LLLT. In addition, this treatment causes practically no side effects. No studies have reported any severe adverse occasions that led to treatment interruption or discontinuation, and most side effects go away within two weeks.

The company offers several models of laser caps. We have analyzed all the options and wrote our review of Kiierr laser caps. As a result, we determined that:

  •  Kiierr 272 Premier is a suitable option for people with moderate baldness. It covers an optimal area of the scalp. 
  • The 272 Premier refurbished model is a more budget-friendly option with a shorter warranty period. 
  • The Kiierr 148 Pro is also a more budget-friendly option than the 272 diodes, and the treatment time is longer because it covers a smaller area of the scalp.
  • The Kiierr 272 Premier MD model is the complete alopecia treatment kit and includes hair care products and vitamins. It also covers the most significant area and has the fastest effect.

Choose the best option for you and enjoy the first hair growth results in 10-12 weeks. 


❔Does Kiierr laser cap work?

The Kiierr laser cap system for hair growth is based on low-level laser therapy (LLLT). Various studies [1] in combating hair loss have proved its effectiveness. New hair growth results are visible after 10-12 weeks of treatment.

🔍Does a laser hair cap have side effects?

Since low-intensity light therapy is a non-invasive treatment method and Kiierr laser caps for hair growth use safe low-frequency lasers, the risk of side effects is usually low. Patients reported only mild side effects such as dry skin, irritation, itching, acne, soreness, and a warm feeling on the scalp. No studies have reported any severe adverse occasions that led to treatment interruption or discontinuation.

⌚How long does it take for a laser cap to grow hair?

The hair growth process has three different stages:

  • from 30 to 90 days: hair stops falling out;
  • from 90 to 180 days: hair begins to regrow;
  • 180 + days: hair thickens at this phase, and you should expect a fuller head of hair.
  • 📅Can you use Kiierr every day?

    A cap should be worn for 30 minutes every other day at your convenience, but not every day.

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