From A to Z: How to Use reVive Light Therapy [2024]

If you've recently acquired a reVive light therapy device, you've taken a significant step toward enhancing your skin's health and overall well-being. However, using this technology correctly is key to unlocking its full potential. 

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, we're here to provide valuable information on how to use reVive light therapy properly. Also, we will share tips for getting the most out of devices, so you can optimize your self-care routine and achieve the desired results.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the efficacy of reVive light therapy and determine if these devices live up to their popularity.

What Is reVive Light Therapy and Its Benefits

reVive light therapy is a renowned brand that specializes in advanced devices designed for skincare and pain relief purposes.

The commitment to skincare is evident through their devices that cater to various concerns.

  • Anti-aging

By promoting collagen synthesis, reVive devices can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Additionally, light therapy improves blood circulation, which enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, resulting in a more youthful and radiant complexion [1].

  • Acne treatment

reVive light therapy devices equipped with blue LED lights have been shown to effectively combat acne. Blue light targets and destroys the bacteria responsible for acne breakouts. It also helps regulate sebum production, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing, leading to a reduction in acne lesions and preventing future pimples [2].

Furthermore, reVive light therapy extends its expertise beyond skincare by offering devices specifically engineered for pain relief.

  • Muscle recovery and relaxation

reVive devices can be beneficial for athletes or individuals who experience muscle soreness or stiffness. 

Light therapy helps increase blood flow, aiding in the removal of metabolic waste products and promoting faster muscle recovery. Additionally, the relaxation effects of light therapy can help alleviate tension and promote overall relaxation [3, 4].

  • Arthritis pain relief

Light therapy has shown promise in reducing pain associated with arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The anti-inflammatory effects can help decrease joint swelling and relieve pain. It may also help improve joint mobility and function [5].

  • Wound healing and post-surgical recovery

Light therapy has been used to promote wound healing and aid in post-surgical recovery. The increased blood circulation and cellular regeneration can accelerate the healing process, reduce scar tissue formation, and alleviate pain at the site of the wound or surgical incision [6].

While reVive light therapy primarily focuses on skincare and pain relief, they also offer devices specifically designed for oral care.

Wound healing and post-surgical recovery
  • Gum health

Blue wavelengths of light have been shown to have antibacterial properties, which can be beneficial for gum health. reVive devices may help reduce harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, potentially improving gum health and reducing the risk of different diseases [7].

  • Pain relief

reVive devices offer pain relief for oral conditions such as mouth ulcers, cold sores, or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain. Light therapy reduces inflammation and promotes healing, potentially alleviating discomfort [8].

  • Teeth whitening

reVive devices use blue light to activate whitening agents or gels, helping to break down stains and discoloration on the teeth [9]. This can result in a brighter and whiter smile.

With a diverse product line, reVive light therapy offers innovative devices to deliver precise and targeted treatments for different conditions.

Here are some of the popular devices:

reVive Glō

reVive Glō

The reVive Glō is a wand that utilizes light therapy for skincare benefits. Depending on the model, it can be equipped with red, blue, or both LEDs.

  • Glō for anti-aging therapy

This model includes red LED lights, which are known to stimulate collagen production and promote overall skin renewal. 

  • Glō for acne treatment 

The wand uses blue LED lights, which have been shown to effectively kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, and minimize breakouts.

  • New Lux Collection Glō

This model represents an upgraded version of the original Glō wand, offering advanced features and enhanced functionality. It is equipped with both red and blue LEDs, providing a comprehensive solution for both anti-aging therapy and acne treatment.

Devices are designed to be handheld, lightweight, and portable, making them convenient for at-home use and travel. Also, the compact size allows for targeted treatments on specific areas of concern.

reVive Sonique Mini

reVive Sonique Mini

The reVive Sonique Mini is a versatile skincare device that combines sonic cleansing technology with light therapy. It features soft silicone bristles that vibrate to provide gentle and effective facial cleansing. Additionally, the device incorporates red, amber, and infrared lights to promote collagen production, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improve overall skin tone and texture. 

Convenient size allows for easy portability, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of light therapy wherever you go.

dpl Oral Care

dpl Oral Care

The dpl Oral Care is a versatile device specifically designed to address various oral care needs, including pain relief, gum care, and teeth whitening.

The red and infrared lights penetrate deep into the tissues, helping to reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, and alleviate discomfort caused by oral conditions. Meanwhile, blue light is known for its teeth-whitening properties. This gentle and effective approach can help restore a brighter and whiter smile, enhancing overall dental aesthetics.

dpl Flex Pad

dpl Flex Pad

The dpl Flex Pad is a flexible and versatile light therapy system designed to provide targeted pain relief. This device harnesses the power of red and infrared lights to help alleviate muscle aches, joint pain, and stiffness.

The pad features a flexible design that allows it to conform to various body parts, making it suitable for targeting specific areas of pain or discomfort. Also, it is lightweight and portable, enabling you to use it at home, in the office, or while traveling.

Get the full details on reVive light therapy devices — we cover features, how they work, and real customer reviews in our article.

How To Use reVive Light Therapy Devices

Now that you have your device in hand, it's time to learn how to use it properly. Whether you're using a handheld model or a panel, there are a few key things you'll need to know to get the most out of your device.

For Skin Care

For Skin Care

🔍 To use a reVive device for skin care:

  • Cleanse your skin

Before using a device for skin care, it is important to start with a clean slate. 

Begin by washing your face with a gentle cleanser and warm water. This will help remove any dirt, oil, or makeup from your skin and allow the device to work more effectively. Rinse your face with cool water and pat it dry with a clean towel.

  • Turn on the device and select the appropriate light setting

Once your skin is clean and dry, turn on your device and choose the light setting that is best suited for your skincare concerns. 

The red light is typically used for anti-aging purposes, while the blue — for acne treatment. 

Some devices may also have additional settings, such as amber or infrared light, which can help improve skin tone and reduce inflammation.

  • Place the device close to your skin
Place the device close to your skin

Handheld device: 

Hold the device a few inches away from your skin and move it in a circular motion over the areas that you want to treat. It is recommended to start with your forehead and work your way down to your cheeks, chin, and neck. 


Place the panel on the area you want to treat and let it rest there for the recommended amount of time. You can choose the angle of the device to target specific areas more precisely. It's important to keep the panel at a comfortable distance from your skin (within 1/4 inch from the skin) and to avoid looking directly into the light. You can also use goggles for even more protection.

  • Treat each area for 3-8 minutes

Spend 3-8 minutes treating each area of your face. 

This will give the light therapy enough time to penetrate your skin and stimulate collagen production or reduce inflammation, depending on the light setting that you have selected. 

  • Repeat 3-5 times per week

Use the reVive light therapy device 3-5 times per week. You may start to see results after 4-6 weeks of consistent use.

Explore the scientific foundations of reVive light therapy devices and uncover key insights into their effectiveness for the skin.

For Pain Relief and Healing

For Pain Relief and Healing

reVive light therapy devices can be used to treat a variety of pain conditions, including:

  • Arthritis pain
  • Muscle pain (caused by injury, overuse, or tension)
  • Joint pain
  • Back pain (both chronic or acute pain)
  • Headaches and migraines

🔍 To use a reVive device for pain relief:

  • Power on the device

Turn on the device and choose the appropriate setting for pain relief (red or/and infrared light therapy).

  • Position the device

Depending on the type of device (handheld model, wraps for different parts of the body, pads) you pick will rely on the area of the body you are targeting for pain relief. Hold the device about 1-2 inches away from the affected area of your body, or use the device's strap to secure it in place. We recommend using devices for 15-25 minutes. 

  • Use regularly

Use the device daily for best results. Depending on the severity of your pain, you may need to use it for several weeks to see improvement.

It is important to note that reVive devices are not intended to replace medical treatment. If you have a serious condition, consult with your healthcare provider before using light therapy devices.

For Oral Care

For Oral Care

🔍 To use a reVive device for oral care:

  • Clean your teeth

Brush and floss your teeth before using the device to ensure that your mouth is clean.

  • Power on the device

To activate the device, press and hold the power button for approximately two seconds, or until the lights illuminate.

  • Position the device

Put it in your mouth and hold it in place by pressing it with your lips.

  • Use the device

The recommended treatment time is 20 minutes, however, the device has a timer. After the initial 10-minute session, you can restart the device for another 10 minutes to complete the full treatment duration. This ensures that you receive the intended benefits. 

You can also apply a small amount of oral care product or whitening gel to your teeth or gums. This will help enhance the effects of the light therapy and improve your overall oral health. For whitening teeth use the device for 10 minutes.

  • Rinse your mouth

After using the device, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.

The device is designed with medical-grade soft silicone, making it safe to use with dentures, dental implants, or orthodontics.

How Long Does It Take for reVive Light Therapy To Work?

How Long Does It Take for reVive Light Therapy To Work?

The effectiveness of reVive light therapy varies depending on the condition being treated and the frequency of use. While some people may notice immediate relief or improvement, others may require several sessions before significant results are seen.

Generally, most users of reVive light therapy devices report experiencing some degree of improvement within the first few weeks of use. 

For instance, those using the devices for pain relief may experience reduced pain and inflammation within a few days of starting treatment. Similarly, those using the devices for acne may see improvement in the appearance of their skin within a few weeks of starting sessions.

It is important to note that consistency and adherence to the recommended treatment schedule are crucial to achieving optimal results. Depending on the specific device and condition being treated, the manufacturer may recommend using the device daily, a few times per week, or on an as-needed basis

Tips for Getting the Most Out of reVive Light Therapy Devices

Whether you're using light therapy for anti-aging benefits, pain relief, or to treat acne, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to get the most out of your reVive device.

Battery Instructions

The company offers two distinct types of light therapy devices: plug-in and rechargeable models. 

While the plug-in devices are simple to use — just place them where you want and turn them on — they also require a cord to be connected to a power source, which can restrict your movement during the session.

On the other hand, rechargeable devices provide more freedom of movement as they don't require to be plugged in during the treatment session. 

The duration of usage for a pain device after a full charge typically ranges from 2 to 3 sessions, each lasting 20 minutes. On the other hand, an anti-aging or acne device can provide up to 10 sessions, each lasting 3 minutes, on a single full charge.

However, it is important to use rechargeable devices correctly to avoid damaging their lithium-ion batteries. Here are some tips to help you maximize your experience:

  • Charge the device fully before using it for the first time.
  • Use the device unplugged, as it is designed to function without being connected to a power source.
  • Charge the device before it runs out of power completely to extend the battery's lifespan.
  • Avoid overcharging the battery by disconnecting it from the power source once it's fully charged.
  • Use the device regularly to keep the battery functioning optimally.

By following these tips, you can enjoy the freedom of movement that the battery-operated device provides without sacrificing its efficiency.

How To Clean Device

How To Clean Device

Maintaining the cleanliness of your light therapy device is essential to ensure safe and effective treatment, regardless of its intended use for addressing skin issues, dental concerns, or pain relief. However, it is crucial to be careful while cleaning the device to prevent any potential problems that may arise.

After examining the features of all devices, we recommend following a few steps to properly clean them:

  1. To clean the device, the first step is to turn it off and unplug it
  2. To eliminate dust and particles from the surface of LEDs, we recommended refraining from utilizing wet fabrics or liquids. Instead, it would be more suitable to use an air duster or a blow dryer.
  3. To sanitize the external components of the device, which are typically composed of plastic or neoprene materials, we suggest using a moistened cloth along with rubbing alcohol as an effective disinfectant for eliminating germs.
  4. Once you have finished cleaning, it's important to either let the device air-dry or use a clean towel. Make sure that it is completely dry before using it again.

By following these simple steps, you can maintain proper hygiene and prolong the life of your device.

Storing Your Device

Storing Your Device

Proper storage is a crucial aspect of device maintenance that people often overlook. 

There are a few common-sense measures that one should take when storing your light therapy device:

☀ Avoid direct sunlight

It is important to keep the device away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. If the device is subjected to repeated or prolonged overheating, it can cause damage to the housing, LEDs, and other electrical components. 

💼 Keep it in a protective case

If possible, store your device in a protective case. This will help prevent scratches, dings, and other physical damage.

⏳ Keep the device in its original packaging if it is not used for a long time

If you are not going to use the device for an extended period, it is best to store it in its original packaging. This will help protect it from dust, dirt, and other environmental factors that can cause damage.

🧲 Keep it away from magnets

Magnetic fields can cause damage to electronic devices, including light therapy models. Therefore, it is important to keep the device away from this kind of source.

Check out our article for comprehensive information on the best reVive light therapy devices — insights into their features, benefits, and authentic customer feedback.


With its dedication to scientific research, safety, and efficacy, reVive light therapy has established itself as a trusted brand among consumers seeking reliable light therapy solutions. Whether it's for skin care, pain relief, or oral health, reVive's devices offer effective and customizable treatments that promote improved well-being and confidence.

By understanding how to properly use reVive devices and sticking to the recommended methods and duration of treatment, you will be able to experience the power of light therapy and improve your well-being and confidence.

📌 Recommended usage depending on the condition:
1. For acne treatment and anti-aging changes: 3-8 minutes
2. For pain management: 15-25 minutes
3. For oral care: 20 minutes (2 sessions of 10 minutes).


🌝 What are the benefits of using reVive light therapy?

reVive light therapy offers several benefits, including reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improving skin tone and texture, boosting collagen production, reducing acne and blemishes, and alleviating pain and inflammation in muscles and joints.

💁‍♀️ How do I use reVive light therapy devices?

Using reVive light therapy devices is simple. Start by cleansing your skin and ensuring it is dry. Then, position the device close to the treatment area, making sure the lights are in contact with the skin. Turn on the device, and follow the recommended treatment time for your specific condition. More information for usage depending on the treatment condition — in our article.

📝 How often should I use reVive light therapy?

Generally, we recommended using reVive devices three to five times per week for noticeable results. However, always refer to the instructions provided with your device for precise guidelines.

🤩 Are reVive light therapy devices portable?

reVive light therapy offers a range of portable devices that are convenient for travel or on-the-go use. These models are lightweight, compact, and battery-powered, making them easy to carry and use wherever you need them.


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