Ultrasonic Cavitation at Home: Before and After Results

Excess weight is a problem that humanity has been struggling with throughout history. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1.9 billion adults are overweight, and 650 million are obese [1]. This comprises 24.4% and 8.5% of the world's population.

As the population of the planet increases, these numbers also increase. However, not every person is ready and able to remove fat with surgery or through hard weight training. Therefore, humanity has begun to look for alternatives. One of the methods is non-invasive ultrasonic cavitation.

In this article, we invite you to explore what ultrasonic cavitation is, whether you can use it at home, whether it is effective based on before/after results, and what its warnings and contraindications are.

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What Is Ultrasonic Cavitation & How Does It Work?

Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. The main goal of this procedure is to correct body contours by destroying fat cells. The main advantage of this non-invasive procedure is that it does not require surgery and a long recovery period. Therefore, you can return to your daily activities immediately after the session.

The impact of ultrasonic cavitation on fat cells

The procedure is based on the effect ultrasonic waves have on fat cells. An ultrasonic cavitation machine produces low-frequency ultrasonic waves, which penetrate the skin and cause the fat cells to vibrate. Because of this, air bubbles appear between them.

The bubbles increase in size until they burst. At this moment, a sufficient amount of energy is excited to destroy the fat cells around it. The destroyed fat cells are converted into glycerol and free fatty acids.

Glycerol helps the body create a protective film on the surface of the epidermis, which attracts water molecules to protect the skin from dehydration. As for free fatty acids, they enter the liver and are excreted from the body naturally.

Can I Do Ultrasonic Cavitation at Home?

Scientific studies state that ultrasonic cavitation does not harm body cells [2]. Therefore, it is safe to use at home. However, you should follow the step-by-step instructions for use and familiarize yourself with the warnings and contraindications.

Do you need help to choose between at-home ultrasonic cavitation devices and office appointments? Let’s compare to make the right decision.

At-home devices
Office appointments
πŸ’Έ Affordability
Cost-effective way
Pay hundreds of dollars
🏠 Convenience
Use it whenever you want
Schedule an appointment
βœ… Safety
Fewer risks
More risks, such as bruising and swelling
due to a more powerful technique

πŸ“Œ The verdict: At-home ultrasonic cavitation machines are the preferred method.

Ultrasonic Cavitation at Home: Before & After Results

The best way to evaluate the effectiveness of ultrasonic cavitation is to compare the results before and after use. We found that users want to know about cellulite treatment and fat removal on the stomach, thighs, arms, face and chin.

Below, you will see comparisons of effectiveness and get acquainted with studies that confirm or refute the positive effect of cellulite/fat treatment with ultrasonic cavitation.

Cellulite and Fat Reduction

Before/after results of fat and cellulite reductions using ultrasonic cavitation machine

Before we get acquainted with the study's results, we should know what “fat” is and how it arises. To begin with, it is worth stating that the cause of cellulite is a local increase in the number of fat cells. It inevitably leads to a violation of blood circulation in the subcutaneous fat. Thus, when you treat cellulite, you remove excess body fat and vice versa.

Next, let's look at what “fat” is. It is adipose tissue that is responsible for lipid deposits and the body's thermal insulation. Adipose tissue consists of five different adipocytes. We need to know that white adipocytes are responsible for the expansion of fat cells in obesity. Also, almost 90% of adipocytes consist of cytoplasmic vacuoles, or fat droplets.

A recent study used three overweight volunteers. Two of them underwent four 15-minute sessions of ultrasonic cavitation over a month. The third patient underwent the procedure three times. After collecting and analyzing data, the scientists found that ultrasonic cavitation caused a 23% reduction in the size of lipid vacuoles in adipocytes. Therefore, fat cells are also reduced by 23% [2].

lipid vacuoles reduction
Results of lipid vacuoles reduction after ultrasonic cavitation

In the pictures above, you can see that the lipid vacuoles that make up the fat cells were separated into smaller ones and their total number also decreased by 40%.

βœ… Verdict:
Ultrasonic cavitation is an effective and safe method of removing fat and cellulite, as studies show a 23% reduction in fat cells without adverse effects on the body.

Stomach Treatment

Result of using ultrasonic cavitation machine to eliminate stomach fat

Stomach fat can occur abruptly and unexpectedly. Subcutaneous adipose tissue migrates to this area due to an excess of cortisol. Also, stomach fat formation comes from an overabundance of fast carbohydrates, such as those found in pastries, sweets, etc.

Eliminating stomach fat is difficult because the number of adipocytes in this area can exceed others. Moreover, fat cells can form from carbohydrates that are produced during digestion. However, you can use ultrasonic cavitation at home to eliminate stomach fat, because this procedure effectively reduces the number of adipocytes.

Also, to improve the result, you need to combine ultrasonic cavitation with the following actions:

  • Aerobic exercises. A Duke University study found that aerobic exercises are the best stomach fat-removing activity. Aerobic exercise burns 67% more calories than resistance training [3].
  • Eat foods high in protein. Protein consumption is inversely proportional to the amount of belly fat. Thus, the more protein you eat, the less fat you have. Below we list the foods with the highest protein percentages [4].
ProductProtein DV  Protein content
Lamb roast121%60.4g in a 6 oz
Lean chicken breast109%54.5g in a 6 oz
Lean ground turkey108%53.9g in a 6 oz
Lean pork chops105%52.7g in a 6 oz
Tuna102%50.8g in a 6 oz
Broiled pork tenderloin102%50.8g in a 6 oz
Beef (skirt-steak)97%48.7g in a 6 oz
Firm tofu87%43.5g per cup
βœ… Verdict:
Ultrasonic cavitation helps eliminate stomach fat effectively. However, this treatment is not a panacea for fat. Therefore, you should combine ultrasonic cavitation with aerobic exercise and a high-protein diet.

Thigh Treatment

Thigh Treatment
Result of using ultrasonic cavitation machine to eliminate thigh fat

The cause of fat deposits on the thighs is also an excessive number of adipocytes. Therefore, scientists decided to conduct a study in which they used a radiofrequency device that works on the principle of ultrasonic cavitation.

In the study, 39 girls with cellulite on the hips and stomach participated. They received one treatment a week for eight weeks. As a result, there was a significant decrease in the roundness of the hips by 1.7 cm and the stomach by 3.5 cm [5].

βœ… Verdict:
Ultrasonic cavitation helps to eliminate cellulite and fat on the thighs. Moreover, you can use ultrasonic cavitation machines at home to make the procedure not only effective but convenient.

Arms Treatment

Arms Treatment
Result of using ultrasonic cavitation machine to eliminate upper arm fat

The upper arm is another place where significant deposits of fat can be observed. Therefore, scientists conducted a study using radiofrequency treatment, which operates like ultrasonic cavitation.

The treatment was performed on a group of 19 people, from the ages of 28 to 70. Each of them received five weekly upper arm treatments. As a result, after the fifth procedure, the subjects experienced a decrease in arm circumference by an average of 0.7 cm [6].

βœ… Verdict:
Ultrasonic cavitation helps to effectively reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat on the upper arm.

Face and Chin Treatment

Unfortunately, it is not recommended to use ultrasonic cavitation on the face and chin. This procedure should be carried out on those body parts where a large amount of fat is localized. Thus, you can use it on the stomach, thigh and upper arm.

The face is a bony body part that does not accumulate as much fat as other areas. The main reason for the increase in fat cells on the face is overall weight gain.

❌ Verdict:
You should not use ultrasonic cavitation to eliminate fat on the face, because this body part does not accumulate as much fat as others. In this case, you can turn to fat-burning machines to help you reduce facial fat, as they use low-level laser therapy which you can effectively and safely apply to your face.

How to Use an Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine at Home

Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine at Home

One of the main advantages of ultrasonic cavitation is the ability to use it at home. However, before treatment, you should read the step-by-step guide. It will help you use the machine efficiently and safely.

  1. Turn on the ultrasonic cavitation machine.
  1. Disinfect the probe to avoid the risk of infection.
  1. Apply ultrasonic gel. It improves the permeability of ultrasonic waves, as it creates additional vibration and protects your skin from irritation and burns.
  1. Select a mode. The more body fat, the higher level you should choose. For example, for arms, you can use modes 3-8, and for stomach 5-9.
  1. Set the auto-off timer for the cavitation machine. You can learn more about how long to use it later in the article.
  1. Treat small areas of the skin, moving the probe horizontally and vertically smoothly. You should focus on one area and not try to cover more of the surface during the session. In this case, the effectiveness of treatment will be much higher.
  1. Turn off the ultrasonic cavitation machine when the timer is over, and clean the probe of any remaining gel.

How Often to Treat Fat and Cellulite

Treat Fat

As we said earlier, the body removes the remains of fat cells through the lymphatic system. It is part of the vascular system, which is involved in the metabolism and elimination of viruses, bacteria, etc. It takes three days for the body to remove the remaining fat cells.

Therefore, you should use ultrasonic cavitation every 3-5 days to achieve maximum effect and not overload the lymphatic system. If you use it more frequently, you increase the risk of clogging the lymphatic system. It can lead to impaired immunity.

How Many Sessions Do You Need to See Results?

In the studies we have described previously, patients received three to five ultrasonic cavitation treatments. It is enough to see results. However, for best results, you should expect eight to twelve sessions. In doing so, you should adhere to the following tips:

  • Drink plenty of water. You should drink about half a gallon of water the day before the procedure and the same amount the day after. It will help the lymphatic system quickly get rid of the remnants of fat cells.
  • Do not drink coffee. You should not drink coffee at least 24-48 hours before ultrasonic cavitation and 48 hours after. Drinking coffee dehydrates the body and slows down the removal of fat cells.

How Many Times a Week Should You Use a Cavitation Machine?

You can use an ultrasonic cavitation machine 1-2 times a week. Between each session you should take a break of 3-5 days, so the lymphatic system can remove the remaining fat.

As for the duration of the session, they generally last about 30 minutes. Therefore, you will spend 30-60 minutes a week on ultrasonic cavitation treatment.

Ultrasonic Cavitation: Cautions & Contraindications


A recent study tracked changes in the structure of cells after using ultrasonic cavitation. The study did not reveal any negative changes [2], therefore ultrasonic cavitation is a safe procedure that allows you to eliminate excess fat at home. 

However, this procedure has cautions and contraindications. If you have any of the following, you should either consult your doctor or avoid using ultrasonic cavitation.

(consult your doctor)
(do not use ultrasonic cavitation)
Postoperative rehabilitation
InfectionSkin diseases
The presence of metal implants

The presence of a pacemaker
All types of cancer
Liver disorder
Impaired circulation


Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive procedure that eliminates excess fat cells even at home. It is a completely safe treatment that does not cause negative changes in your body. The only thing to remember is that you can use the ultrasonic cavitation machine no more than once every three days. During this waiting period, the remnants of fat cells will be fully excreted from the body.

Moreover, scientists confirm the effectiveness of non-invasive ultrasonic cavitation in many studies. However, this procedure is not an obesity treatment. It eliminates excess fat cells and cellulite effectively in certain body areas.

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πŸ•˜ How long do results from ultrasonic cavitation last?

The results of removing excess fat cells are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.

πŸ“ How many inches can be lost using ultrasonic cavitation at home?

The results may vary because the study involved people with different physical conditions. However, the effectiveness of using ultrasonic cavitation has been confirmed.

πŸ₯› How much water to drink before and after the ultrasonic cavitation?

To expedite the removal of residual fat cells from the body, you need to drink half a gallon of water the day before ultrasonic cavitation, and half a gallon the day after.

2️⃣ Is it possible to use a cavitation machine two days in a row?

It is not recommended to use ultrasonic cavitation for two days in a row. The body will not effectively remove the remaining fat cells. In this case, you should use an ultrasonic cavitation machine every three days.

πŸ” How to get the best results from using a cavitation machine?

You should practice aerobic exercise and follow a high-protein diet to achieve the best results while using ultrasonic cavitation.

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