4 Best Infrared Sauna Blankets: Way To Health And Wellness

In recent years, saunas have gained popularity as people have become more aware of the health benefits they offer. They are known to help with detoxification, relaxation, and the relief of muscle and joint pain. However, traditional saunas can be expensive and require a lot of space, which can make them unfeasible for many people. This is where infrared sauna blankets come in. 

In this article, we will explore how infrared sauna blankets work, the specific benefits they offer, and which models are better, including reviews of some of the most popular options on the market. By the end of this article, you'll have a better understanding of these devices and whether they're right for you.

HigherDOSE sauna blanket

Best device for relaxing and detox experience

✔ An advanced device with additional layers (charcoal, magnetic layers, crystal therapy) that further improve blood circulation, remove toxins, and enhance overall well-being

✔ Offers eight adjustable heat levels, rendering it suitable for all users (from beginners to experts)

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MiHIGH sauna blanket

Best device for pain relief

✔ The most effective device for pain relief and muscle relaxation due to infrared technology that penetrates deep into
the tissues

✔ Includes an automatic shut-off function for added convenience during

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Sun Home Saunas blanket

The most comfortable device

✔ The most comfortable device due to Velcro, allowing you to easily adjust your position while effectively sealing in heat to prevent any loss

✔ Made from premium, safe materials that are gentle, cozy and effortless to wash

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HeatPod sauna blanket

The safest device with zero-EMF

✔ The safest option due to the least amount of electromagnetic energy emitted by the device, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing sauna experience without any worries or risks

✔ Customizable temperature settings, which let you tune your sauna experience to meet your individual needs

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How Does An Infrared Sauna Blanket Work?

An infrared sauna blanket uses infrared light to heat the body. It is a portable, cover-like device designed to be used at home.

Sauna blankets differ from traditional models in that they utilize infrared light to heat the body directly, rather than heating the air. Additionally, because of this, they may be more comfortable for those who find regular saunas too hot or stuffy.

The blanket is typically made of multiple layers of materials, including a reflective outer layer that helps to trap the infrared light inside, and an inner layer made of a heat-resistant material that protects you from high temperatures.

Layers of sauna blankets
Layers of sauna blankets

When covered in a blanket, the emitted infrared light is absorbed by your skin and warms your body directly, inducing sweating that helps to expel toxins and enhance blood flow. Compared to traditional saunas, this blanket's heat preservation capability amplifies the benefits and intensifies the experience. 

Infrared sauna blankets are marketed as a way to improve health and wellness, and some people use them to help relieve stress, ease muscle pain, and improve sleep quality.

Benefits Of Using Infrared Sauna Blankets

The use of infrared sauna blankets is growing in popularity as a means to enhance health and well-being. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Detoxification

Using infrared sauna blankets can enhance blood flow and induce sweating, which helps eliminate toxins from the body. This can help improve the function of the lymphatic system and support the body's natural detoxification process [1].

  • Pain relief

Infrared therapy is a natural and effective way to alleviate pain and inflammation in the body. This can be especially beneficial for people with chronic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and muscle or joint pain [2].

  • Improved circulation

By promoting vasodilation, infrared sauna blankets help increase blood flow and circulation in the body, which can have a positive impact on cardiovascular health. This helps reduce blood pressure and enhances overall heart function [3].

  • Stress relief

Infrared therapy is known to have a relaxing and soothing effect on the body, which can help reduce stress levels. This is due to the release of endorphins, which are natural mood-boosting chemicals. It can be especially helpful for those who suffer from anxiety or depression [4].

  • Improved skin

Infrared sauna blankets help to improve the appearance of the skin by increasing circulation, promoting cell growth, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles [5].

infrared sauna blankets

Do Sauna Blankets Help With Weight Loss?

Infrared sauna blankets have gained popularity as a potential aid for weight loss, but is it true? Let's delve deeper into this question.

One of the primary ways that infrared radiation helps with weight loss is by increasing the body's core temperature, which in turn causes the body to burn more calories to regulate its temperature. In addition to this, infrared radiation can also help promote detoxification by causing sweating, which can remove toxins from the body. 

❗ However, while infrared sauna blankets can be a useful tool to support weight loss, it is important to remember that they should be used in conjunction with a balanced and healthy diet, regular exercise, and lifestyle changes for long-term success.

Best Devices To Try At Home

HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket

HigherDOSE sauna blanket

HigherDOSE sauna blanket

Winner category: Best device for relaxing and detox experience


  • The most enhanced device includes additional layers to improve circulation, detoxification process, and develop overall well-being
  • Has eight levels of customizable heat, making it suitable for everyone
  • Made of a lightweight and non-toxic fabric
  • Easy to transport and perfect for on-the-go wellness


  • Challenging to clean, but with the right tools, this issue can be easily manageable
  • Relatively expensive compared to other similar devices on the market

HigherDOSE sauna blanket is an innovative and effective tool for improving your health. Featuring eight levels of customizable heat, this device is a great option for beginners and experts alike.

The blanket uses infrared technology to generate deep-penetrating heat, encouraging a full-body detox, boosting circulation, and reducing inflammation. Plus, it includes extra layers for an enhanced experience, such as charcoal and magnetic layers. The activated charcoal promotes the detox process, while the grounding medical-grade magnetic strip boosts blood flow and enhances circulation.

Another exceptional feature is the healing crystal therapy layer, crafted from amethyst and tourmaline. This layer naturally produces negative ions that attach themselves to free radicals in the body, reducing their harmful effects on the body.

The lightweight and non-toxic fabric used in the blanket makes it easy to transport and is perfect for on-the-go wellness. However, some users may find it a little challenging to clean, especially if they tend to sweat a lot. But with the right tools and cleaning techniques, this is easily manageable.

While the HigherDOSE sauna blanket is undeniably a high-quality and effective device, it is also relatively expensive compared to other devices on the list.

Customer Reviews

“I highly recommend the HigherDOSE sauna blanket. Not only does it heat up quickly for a powerful detox, but it's also impressively lightweight and easy to store. Just make sure to read the instructions thoroughly and dress appropriately to prevent any skin marks from direct contact. Trust me, it's worth the investment!”

—Mallory, AZ

“If you're someone who suffers from chronic inflammation, fibromyalgia, or joint/muscle issues, you know how difficult it can be to find relief. That's why I wanted to share my experience with this infrared blanket, which has truly been a lifesaver for me.

By using this device, I've noticed a significant reduction in inflammation and pain in my body. It also helped to relax muscles and ease tension! However, make sure to get approval from your doctor before using it.”

—Laura, CA

MiHIGH Sauna Blanket

HigherDOSE sauna blanket

MiHIGH sauna blanket

Winner category: Best device for pain relief


  • The most effective pain relief device, especially for joint suffering and post-workout recovery
  • Offers nine heat settings, which makes it easy to find the perfect temperature for your sauna session
  • Made of polyurethane, which is a tough and heat-resistant material, meaning that the device can withstand high temperatures and last longer
  • Automatic shut-off function, greatly facilitating the process of the procedure


  • The controller is located at the bottom of the device, which may require getting up to adjust the settings
  • Weight 17.6 pounds, which can feel heavy for some users

The MiHIGH sauna blanket is a popular and effective device that promotes pain relief and overall well-being. It has gained a reputation among users with joint pain and post-workout recovery due to its effectiveness in managing these issues.

One of the key benefits of the MiHIGH sauna blanket is its highly customizable heat settings, which range from one to nine. This feature allows users to tailor the device to their preferred temperature, ensuring that they get the most out of their sauna session. Additionally, the interior of the blanket is made of polyurethane, which is a durable material that can withstand high temperatures

Using the MiHIGH sauna blanket is incredibly simple. A person only needs to unfold it, plug it in, and set the timer for either 30 or 60 minutes. After allowing the blanket to warm up for five to ten minutes, they can lie down and relax. The automatic shut-off function means that users do not need to worry about turning off the device manually, unlike the HighDOSE infrared sauna blanket. However, the controller is located at the bottom of the device, which can be a bit inconvenient if users want to change the settings during their session.

It's worth noting that the MiHIGH sauna blanket is relatively heavy, weighing 17.6 pounds. Some users may experience a little pressure during their session, but this is generally not a significant issue.

Customer Reviews

“As someone who didn't have space for a traditional sauna, this was the perfect solution. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the blanket performed — it exceeded my expectations! I now use it at least three times a week, setting the temperature between 5 and 7, and always emerge feeling absolutely relaxed.”

—Ben, MI

“I highly recommend this sauna to anyone looking for a natural way to manage their health problems. Whether you're dealing with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, or just looking for a way to unwind after a long day, this sauna is definitely worth checking out. I'm so pleased with my purchase that I plan to refer this item to my friends and family!”

—Elizabeth, CO

Sun Home Saunas Blanket

HigherDOSE sauna blanket

Sun Home Saunas blanket

Winner category: The most comfortable device


  • The most comfortable device due to Velcro — makes it easy to get in and out of the blanket, so you can adjust your position or take a break if needed
  • Made from high-quality, non-toxic, soft, comfortable, easy-to-clean materials
  • Comes in a range of colors, so you can choose one that matches your personal style and the decor of your home


  • Velcro is quite strong, and may be difficult to remove after a session

The Sun Home Saunas blanket is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy a sauna experience from the comfort of your own home. It is not only practical but also stylish, coming in a variety of colors to fit any decor.

The industrial-grade Velcro that runs the entire length of the blanket ensures that you can get in and out of it with ease, and it provides a tight seal to prevent heat loss. Additionally, there is a Velcro opening at the bottom of the blanket, which allows for added comfort and can alleviate feelings of claustrophobia for some people.

The Sun Home Saunas blanket is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials that are soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. It can be wiped down with antibacterial wipes, which is a quick and convenient way to keep it fresh and hygienic.

It's worth noting that some users have mentioned that the Velcro is quite strong and difficult to tear apart after a session, but this is a minor issue that can be easily addressed with a little extra effort.

Customer Reviews

“I was practically counting down the days until my sauna blanket arrived. While I certainly value the health benefits it provides, what really excites me is space for unwinding. Since using the blanket, I've noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality. I've experimented with different brands before, but this one is particularly roomy and even my husband enjoys it.”

—Alessia, OR

“I can't get enough of this remarkable blanket! Whether I'm using it to cozy up on the couch or wrapping it around me during a meditation session, it never fails to work wonders on my mood and energy levels. It's like a mini spa treatment every time I use it — I feel more relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Plus, it's great for detoxifying the body and promoting better sleep.”

—Karen, MT

HeatPod Sauna Blanket

HigherDOSE sauna blanket

HeatPod sauna blanket

Winner category: The safest device with zero-EMF


  • The safest device with minimal electromagnetic emissions (zero-EMF)
  • Customizable settings (ranging from 86° F to 176° F in 2-degree increments) allow users to modify their sauna experience to suit their individual needs and preferences
  • Timer with settings ranging from 5 to 60 minutes for convenience use
  • High-quality vegan leather exterior, not only visually appealing but adding to the product's durability


  • The slightly short cable with the controller can be a bit of an inconvenience for those who may need it closer to them

The HeatPod is a product designed to help users recover faster, improve their heart and systemic health, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Crafted from polyurethane with a soft cotton lining, the HeatPod boasts a comfortable and luxurious feel. It also features a high-quality vegan leather exterior that is both durable and visually appealing. Additionally, the infrared sauna blanket comes with a towel insert that makes it easy to use the device without clothing and simplifies the cleaning process.

One of the standout features is its zero-EMF infrared heating coils. These elements are designed to emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation, which can be a concern for some users. With the HeatPod, however, there's no need to worry about these issues.

The HeatPod also offers a range of temperature settings, ranging from 86°F to 176°F in 2-degree increments. This allows users to customize their heat therapy experience to suit their individual needs and preferences. The timer is another convenient feature, with settings ranging from 5 to 60 minutes. 

The only downside is that some users have noted that the cable with the controller could be longer for more convenient access to the settings.

Customer Reviews

“For over 10 years, I've been using sauna baths for their amazing health benefits. People often ask me how I maintain my youthful appearance and I credit it to consistent sauna use, although my work demands can make it hard to keep up. That's where the HeatPod blanket comes in — it's helped me stay on track and even saves time! The price is totally worth it, and it's been a lifesaver for my routine!”

—Seph, IN

“This blanket has been a game-changer in my healing journey following a painful fall that left me with back and shoulder injuries. Not only does it provide soothing relief, but it also serves as a mental reset button for me. As someone who loves to keep moving, this blanket has been a crucial tool in helping me get back on my feet.”

—Sally, FL

MiHIGH Sauna Blanket Vs HigherDOSE

The HigherDOSE and MiHIGH sauna blankets are both excellent options for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness. However, they have some key differences that are worth considering before making a purchase.

The HigherDOSE blanket offers advanced technology, with multiple layers that enhance the detoxification process and promote healthily pumping blood. Also, it is much lighter compared to the MiHIGH blanket, making it easier to transport and use. Besides this, HigherDOSE closes with a zipper, which some users prefer over the Velcro closure on another device. 

But the HigherDOSE blanket does not have a timer on the controller, and 60 minutes is selected by default, which may not be ideal for some users. Furthermore, some users report that the material of this blanket feels so thin that there is a chance of getting burned.

infrared blankets

On the other hand, the MiHIGH sauna blanket is more affordable and suitable for users with joint pain and post-workout recovery. It is also made of thicker materials that give it a more durable and quality feel. The presence of the controller makes it very easy to use, and there is also a display showing the remaining time. And more importantly, you can choose the duration of the session.

However, the blanket is relatively heavy, which may not be ideal for users who want a more lightweight device.

🔍 The verdict:
The choice between the HigherDOSE and MiHIGH sauna blankets will depend on each individual's needs and preferences. Those looking for advanced technology and multiple layers to enhance detoxification may prefer the HigherDOSE blanket, while those seeking a more affordable option for post-workout recovery and a more convenient user experience may choose the MiHIGH blanket.

Are Infrared Sauna Blankets Safe?

While there are potential benefits to using an infrared sauna blanket, such as improved circulation, reduced muscle pain, and increased relaxation, it is important to use them safely. 

It is recommended that users start with short sessions of 15-20 minutes at a moderate temperature, gradually increasing the duration and temperature as their tolerance builds.

Sauna blankets are generally considered safe for use. However, it is important to note that they may not be suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions. Furthermore, it is crucial to stay hydrated, as the heat can cause excessive sweating and fluid loss. It is also important to avoid alcohol or drugs that may affect the body's ability to regulate its temperature.

Users should also be aware of the potential risks, including burns or overheating, and stop using the blanket immediately if they experience discomfort or any adverse reactions. 

Overall, if used properly, infrared sauna blankets can be a safe and effective way to promote relaxation and improve overall well-being.

Infrared sauna blanket

Who Should Not Use An Infrared Sauna Blanket?

Like any other sauna, it is not suitable for everyone. So, who should avoid using it?

  • Pregnant women: They should avoid using infrared sauna blankets as the high heat can potentially harm the developing fetus. 
  • Individuals with a fever: Using an infrared sauna blanket while experiencing a high temperature can worsen symptoms and cause dehydration.
  • People with hypertension or heart disease: The high temperatures can put additional strain on the cardiovascular system.
  • People with skin conditions: People with eczema or psoriasis should also avoid using such devices, as heat and sweating can irritate the skin and worsen the condition.

Lastly, as we mentioned, it is not recommended to use an infrared sauna blanket while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as this can impair judgment and increase the risk of accidents or injuries.

It's always best to consult with a healthcare professional before using a blanket or any other type of sauna, especially if you have underlying health conditions or concerns. 

The Verdict

Discover the benefits of a traditional sauna in a compact and cost-effective package with infrared sauna blankets. Utilizing advanced infrared technology, these devices enhance blood flow, alleviate tension, and mitigate inflammation, all while providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

After reviewing some of the most popular models on the market, it is clear that there are numerous options to choose from, each with its own unique features and benefits:

  • HigherDOSE sauna blanket — Best device for relaxing and detox experience
  • MiHIGH sauna blanket — Best device for pain relief
  • Sun Home Saunas blanket — The most comfortable device
  • HeatPod sauna blanket — The safest device with zero-

Making use of an infrared sauna blanket on a regular basis can bring significant value to your self-care. Whether you're looking to relax and unwind after a long day or want to experience the numerous health benefits, it's a perfect option.


🤔 What is an infrared sauna blanket?

An infrared sauna blanket is a type of portable sauna that uses far-infrared technology to generate heat and provide many health benefits: increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, promoting relaxation, and so on. Some people also use infrared sauna blankets as a way to support detoxification and weight loss.

💬 Are infrared sauna blankets safe?

In general, infrared sauna blankets are safe for use as long as proper precautions are taken. Also, individuals with medical conditions should consult with a healthcare professional before using an infrared sauna blanket to ensure their safety.

☝ How long should you use an infrared sauna blanket?

The duration of an infrared sauna blanket session is determined by personal needs or preferences, and may vary from person to person. To avoid discomfort or overheating, it is suggested to begin with shorter sessions of 15-20 minutes, and then gradually extend the duration to around 45 minutes to an hour.

✓ How do you clean an infrared blanket?

In general, you can wipe down the inside of the blanket with a damp cloth after each use to remove any sweat or debris. For more thorough cleaning, use a non-abrasive, gentle cleaner and a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the inside of the blanket.

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