Infrared Heating Pads: Benefits, Best Models + User Reviews

In our fast-paced world, the relentless demands of daily life often leave us physically and mentally drained. The quest for effective pain relief and relaxation has never been more critical. Whether you're grappling with persistent discomfort or simply seeking solace after a taxing day, the solution could be close β€” infrared heating pads.

In this article, we'll leave no stone unturned in addressing your questions about these devices. We will explore the array of health benefits they bring, examine the market's leading models with customer reviews, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and equip you with a guide for their safe and efficacious use.

IReliev Far Infrared Heating Pad
IReliev Far Infrared Heating Pad

Winner category: Best versatile infrared heating pad

βœ”οΈ The most versatile device due to the large coverage area that can target common problem areas like the back, legs, neck, shoulders, and so on

βœ”οΈ The controller's large, user-friendly display simplifies the process of managing your comfort preferences, ensuring an effortless experience

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dpl Joint Wrap
dpl Joint Wrap

Winner category: Best device for joint pain relief

βœ”οΈ The most effective device for joint pain relief due to its form that ensures a snug fit around any joint

βœ”οΈ Adjustable straps that guarantee a comfortable and secure fit

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Infrared heating pad
WeightedWarmth Heating Pad

Winner category: Best infrared neck and shoulder heating pad

βœ”οΈ The most effective device for the neck and shoulders thanks to its unique shape that follows these body curves

βœ”οΈ The 2-hour auto shut-off feature not only ensures safety during use but also lets users indulge in relaxation without the need to constantly monitor the device

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Infrared PEMF Go Mat
Infrared PEMF Go Mat

Winner category: Best combination of pain relief and relaxation

βœ”οΈ The most effective pain relief and relaxation device due to three alternative methods: far infrared heat, PEMF, and natural amethyst crystals β€” providing a comprehensive therapy

βœ”οΈ The compact size fits seamlessly into various settings, including the home, office, or even car

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Health Benefits of Infrared Heating Pad

In the pursuit of better health and enhanced well-being, many individuals are turning to innovative solutions like infrared heating pads.

Infrared heating pads are devices crafted to administer heat therapy through the utilization of invisible infrared technology, a type of electromagnetic radiation.

What sets them apart from regular heating pads is their ability to penetrate deeper, into the muscles, in contrast to topical heat that primarily affects only the skin.

Infrared vs. topical heat
Infrared vs. topical heat

Such devices stimulate numerous health benefits. Some of them we'll describe below.

Pain Relief

Infrared heating pads can provide effective pain management for various conditions. The deep-penetrating heat generated by these tools can help relax muscles, increase blood circulation, and reduce inflammation. This makes them especially valuable in soothing muscle discomfort, alleviating joint pain, and managing chronic ailments such as arthritis [1, 2].

Muscle Relaxation

Infrared heat can penetrate deep into the muscles, helping to relax and loosen tight or tense muscles. This feature proves particularly advantageous for athletes, individuals grappling with muscle spasms, or anyone grappling with muscle stiffness stemming from stress or physical exertion [3].

Wound Healing

Infrared heat has demonstrated its efficacy in fostering the healing of wounds and injuries. Through its capacity to boost blood flow to the affected site, it facilitates the enhanced transport of oxygen and essential nutrients crucial for tissue repair. This attribute proves particularly valuable for individuals in post-surgery recovery or grappling with persistent wounds [4].

Infrared heating pad


Detoxification is a natural process in the body, and one of its mechanisms involves sweating to eliminate toxins. Infrared heating pads can stimulate a profound sweat, potentially aiding in the removal of harmful substances, heavy metals, and impurities from the body [5]. 

Stress Reduction

The warmth and relaxation provided by infrared heating pads can help reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. When the body is in a state of relaxation, it can release endorphins and reduce the production of stress hormones like cortisol. This can lead to improved mood and better overall mental health [6].

Find out more about how infrared heating pads work and their proven effectiveness based on scientific research β€” in our article.

Best Infrared Heating Pad Reviews

IReliev Far Infrared Heating Pad

IReliev Far Infrared Heating Pad
IReliev Far Infrared Heating Pad

Winner category: Best versatile infrared heating pad

  • Effectively targeting common problem areas like the back, legs, and upper body, making it versatile for various pain issues
  • The combination of jade and tourmaline stones not only ensures even heat distribution for effective relief but also promotes overall well-being and relaxation
  • Stretchy and sturdy strap ensures adaptability for different settings and body types
  • The controller features a big display, offering effortless management of your comfort preferences
  • Making adjustments to time and temperature settings can be a bit difficult due to the absence of a long-press feature

IReliev Far Infrared Heating Pad is your solution for natural pain relief and well-being enhancement. 

At the heart of the device lies the harmonious fusion of jade and tourmaline stones. These elements have the ability to evenly distribute heat across your body as far infrared waves gently pass through them. This results in deep and effective relief. Moreover, when these stones are heated, they emit negative ions which are renowned for their antioxidant properties. And thanks to the size, this pad can target common problem locations such as the upper and lower back, hamstrings and legs, shoulders and arms, unlike dpl Joint Wrap, which is better for small areas.

When we talk about design, the iReliev heating pad is designed with user convenience in mind. Its stretchy and robust strap ensures that the pad can be securely attached, for example, to a chair, offering versatility and adaptability for various settings and body types.

The corded regulator, equipped with a large display, keeps you in control of your comfort. However, adjusting the time and temperature settings may require a bit of patience, as a long-press feature is currently absent.

Customer Reviews

β€œI had degenerative disk disease and used a regular heating pad for a long time, but it didn't help much. My friends and family suggested trying the iReliev far-infrared pad, but I was a bit worried about the price tag. But looking back, I really wish I had listened to them earlier. This pad has made a huge difference in easing my back pain, and I can definitely say that I love this device! Just be aware that changing the time and temperature settings can be a bit tricky because there's no long-press feature. ”

β€” Alice, WI

β€œI've been dealing with those awful leg cramps at night, and honestly, it's a total pain. Heat is my savior, but regular heating pads just didn't cut it. By morning, my thighs were in agony. 

But guess what? This infrared heating pad is a total game-changer! Seriously, I love this thing. In just 10-15 minutes, it makes my thighs feel so much better. It's like a magic trick for comfort and mobility.”

β€” Kerry, TX

dpl Joint Wrap

dpl Joint Wrap
dpl Joint Wrap

Winner category: Best device for joint pain relief

  • Β Using red and infrared light that stimulates cellular recovery and promotes healing
  • Adjustable straps that guarantee a comfortable and secure fit
  • Designed to use on the shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle joints
  • Limited battery life, allowing for only 20-minute treatments before requiring a recharge
  • May not be a good choice for treating larger areas such as the back

dpl Joint Wrap is the solution for those seeking relief from joint discomfort.

This device harnesses the power of infrared and red lights to penetrate beneath the skin's surface and stimulate cellular recovery. The result is a comforting experience that alleviates muscle spasms, eases aches, and diminishes joint stiffness.

The adjustable straps ensure a snug fit around any joint. Users note that this is one of the best heating pads for knees, elbows, and other joints that require consistent and targeted therapy.

However, the dpl Joint Wrap does come with some limitations. The battery can only power to 20-minute treatments before requiring a recharge, unlike the corded IReliev Far Infrared Heating Pad, which you can use without worrying.Β 

Additionally, while the device excels at treating specific joints, it may not be the most suitable choice for addressing larger areas such as the back. For broader pain concerns, keep your attention on other models, like the IReliev and WeightedWarmth Heating Pad.

Customer Reviews

β€œI've gotta say, the dpl Wrap is like a miracle for people dealing with stubborn joint pain. I've mainly used it on my knees, and let me tell you, it's been amazing. This combo of heat and infrared light therapy is a winner. It boosts circulation and eases the aches big time. Plus, it's portable, which is a total bonus β€” I can use it while working or just chilling and watching TV.”

β€” Med, LA

β€œIf you're dealing with some annoying joint pain, you should definitely check out this device. It's awesome at giving you therapy right where you need it. I've used it for my shoulder and elbow pain, and it was good. But, just a heads-up, it might not be the best choice for bigger areas like your back. Still, I really like this device!”

β€” Jordan, TX

WeightedWarmth Heating Pad

Infrared heating pad
Infrared heating pad

Winner category: Best infrared neck and shoulder heating pad

  • Combines heat, vibration massage, and weighted pressure, providing a comprehensive solution for pain relief
  • Covers a large area, effectively delivering soothing warmth to all the areas that need it
  • The 2-hour auto shut-off feature provides peace of mind, allowing users to enjoy relaxation without worrying about safety
  • Affordable price point
  • While the vibration massage feature is a great addition, some customers have expressed a desire for more extensive functionalities
  • Might not be the ideal choice for individuals with allergies or sensitivities to micromink fabric

WeightedWarmth is a 3-in-1 heating pad that combines the power of heat, vibration massage, and weighted pressure to bring you a holistic solution that relieves your pain.

Whether it's upper or lower back pain, neck soreness, or stubborn muscle knots, this heating pad has your back – quite literally. Its generously sized design covers a large area, ensuring that soothing warmth reaches all the right spots.

But that's not all β€” this device incorporates a vibration massage feature. Meanwhile, some customers have expressed a desire for more extensive functionalities.

Another aspect is the weighted pressure element, providing 2.6 pounds of high-quality glass beads that gently stimulate your body, promoting deep relaxation. This feature is designed to help you unwind and alleviate tension.

Moreover, the WeightedWarmth heating pad is made from ultra-soft micromink fabric, ensuring that every use feels like a spa day, right in the comfort of your own home. Plus, it includes a convenient 2-hour auto shut-off feature, allowing you to enjoy your relaxation time without any worries.

But the best part? This device comes at a very reasonable price. Unlike more expensive alternatives like the Infrared PEMF Go Mat, the WeightedWarmth offers a budget-friendly solution without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

Customer Reviews

β€œThis heating pad is just fantastic. It's so comfy with its plush design, unlike some others that can be a bit rough on your skin. You can use it for neck or back pain, and it's perfect for laying on. They even added an automatic timer, so you don't have to stress about forgetting to turn it off. And the price? Totally reasonable! ”

β€” Donna, CA

β€œThis product has been a total pleasure for me, especially when I'm dealing with discomfort in my neck and back on those chilly days when the house isn't too cozy. 

When I first got it, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed by the limited massage functions it had. However, as I've used it more, I've come to really like its special feature of giving a localized upper back massage and the soothing vibration it provides. Honestly, I've grown to love this device!”

β€” Lois, WI

Infrared PEMF Go Mat

Infrared PEMF Go Mat
Infrared PEMF Go Mat

Winner category: Best combination of pain relief and relaxation

  • Β Combines three alternative therapies: far infrared heat, pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF), and natural amethyst crystals β€” providing a comprehensive approach
  • In addition to pain relief, it helps reduce stress, increase energy and immune support, improve sleep, circulation, and muscle recovery
  • The compact size makes it suitable for home, office, or travel use
  • Comes with a higher price tag compared to other similar devices on the market

Infrared PEMF Go Mat is a compact device designed to seamlessly fit into your daily routine, whether you're working from home, recovering from an intense workout, meditating, or simply seeking profound relaxation.

This device combines three alternative therapies to enhance the effectiveness of your heat session: far infrared heat, pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF), and natural amethyst crystals. Unlike many other infrared mats available, which in most cases provide only infrared heat, this triple therapy approach offers an even greater experience. 

Potential benefits encompass reduced stress, increased energy, immune support, improved sleep, enhanced circulation, and better muscle recovery. However, if you require a more targeted solution, such as joint pain relief, you may want to consider a specialized device like the dpl Joint Wrap, designed specifically for addressing such issues.

Measuring just 19.5 Γ— 39 inches (50 cm x 100 cm), it allows you to effortlessly move it between your home and office, and it can be taken along on trips. It conveniently fits on an office chair or couch, allowing you to enjoy its benefits while sitting upright. You can also spread it flat on the ground for lying down or even use it as a yoga mat. When you're not using it, storage is a breeze β€” it rolls up neatly, resembling the size and shape of a rolled-up bathroom towel. 

However, while the Infrared PEMF Go Mat offers a plethora of benefits and convenient portability, it does come with a higher price tag compared to some other similar devices on the market. The enhanced features, premium materials, and compact design do contribute to its cost.

Customer Reviews

β€œI'll be honest, the Infrared PEMF Go Mat isn't cheap, but it's seriously worth every penny. The way it eases my pain and stress is like gold to me. What's great is I can take it wherever I want, so my pain relief doesn't get interrupted. If you're serious about feeling better and getting rid of pain, this mat is totally worth the money. I love it!”

β€” Sylvia, IL

β€œBefore I got my hands on the PEMF mat, work stress used to really take a toll on me, leaving me drained every day. But now, I've made it a daily ritual to spend half an hour on this mat, and it's been a total pleasure. It's like my secret weapon for quick power naps, and let me tell you, it's made a huge difference in how I feel. I can't emphasize enough how much I adore this device!”

β€” Max, CO

Looking to explore more options? Be sure to check out our article where we share reviews of other infrared heating pads that have also proven their efficiency.

Pros and Cons of Heating Pads

Heating pads certainly offer a range of benefits, but it's important to recognize that they also have their limitations. Let's take a closer look at this.

Infrared heating pad pros and cons

βœ… Ease of use

Devices are known for their user-friendliness. They typically feature straightforward controls, often with adjustable temperature settings. Users can easily customize the heat intensity to their comfort level.
❌ Dependency on electricity

Almost all heating pads require access to an electrical outlet or power source. This reliance on electricity can limit their usability in situations where power may not be readily available. However, there are also devices that run on a battery, but this method doesn't last long and requires recharge.
βœ… Portability

Many heating pads are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them highly portable. This mobility allows users to take them to work, use them during travel, or simply move them around the house as needed. Some models even come with rechargeable batteries for on-the-go relief.
❌ Safety concerns

There is a potential risk of burns or overheating associated with heating pads, especially if they are not used correctly or are left unattended for extended periods. To avoid this, follow safety guidelines and ensure responsible use.
βœ… Quick heat

Unlike traditional heating methods like hot water bottles or warm compresses, heating pads provide rapid warmth. They heat up quickly, ensuring swift relief from sore muscles or discomfort.
βœ… Targeted application

There are many models that are designed with specific body areas in mind. Whether it's a neck and shoulder heating pad or one for the lower back, these devices allow users to precisely target areas in need of relief.
βœ… Versatility

Many modern heating pads offer versatility through additional methods, like pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) or natural crystals allowing users to tailor their therapy for specific needs and preferences.

How To Use Infrared Heating Pad: Step-By-Step

Using an infrared heating pad can provide relief from muscle pain, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. 

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need:

  • Your infrared heating pad
  • Clean, dry towel (optional)
  • Timer (if your device doesn't have it)
  • Comfortable clothing

Step 2: Choose the right location

Select a comfortable place for you. Depending on the type of heating pad you have, you can place it on a chair, bed, floor, or on a specific part of the body (if it has Velcro).

WeightedWarmth Heating Pad

Step 3: Prepare your heating pad

Plug in or, if the device has a battery, check the remaining time and determine if it is enough for your session) your infrared heating pad and place it on the chosen surface. 

Make sure it's unfolded and laid flat, with the heating elements facing up.

Step 4: Adjust the temperature

Most infrared heating pads come with adjustable temperature settings. Start with a low or medium setting and adjust it according to your comfort level. 

Step 5: Position yourself

Lie down or sit in a comfortable position where you can easily access the heating pad. 

πŸ“Œ For safety reasons, don't use the pad while sleeping!

Step 6: Set the timer

If your heating pad has a built-in timer, set it to the desired duration of your session. If not, use an external timer to ensure you don't overheat yourself. 

A typical session may last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

Step 7: Relax

As the heating pad warms up, relax and enjoy the warmth. You can read, watch TV, meditate, or simply lay back and rest during this time.

Step 8: Monitor your comfort

Throughout the session, pay attention to your comfort level. If the heat becomes too intense or uncomfortable, lower the temperature or remove the pad for a short break.

Step 9: Aftercare

Once your session is complete, turn off the heating pad and unplug it. Allow it to cool down completely before storing it. If you were using a towel between the pad and your skin, remove it and gently pat the area dry.

Step 10: Store properly

Store your device in a cool, dry place.

❗️ Note: Always follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of your infrared heating pad, as different models may have slightly different usage guidelines. 

Still uncertain about purchasing the device? Dive into the scientific evidence and gain a comprehensive understanding of infrared heating pads β€” in our guide.

Safety Considerations

Safety Considerations

Safety is a paramount consideration when using infrared heating pads, and understanding the science and regulatory support for their safety can provide users with peace of mind. 

So, what to consider?

πŸ” Temperature settings

Heating pads are designed with adjustable temperature settings, providing users with the flexibility to choose a heat level that is both comfortable and secure. Choose a lower temperature setting and then incrementally fine-tuning it to attain your preferred level of comfort.

πŸ” Duration

Extended use can heighten the likelihood of skin irritation or burns. To maintain safety, adhere to recommended usage guidelines and adjust them according to your specific requirements.

  • For purposes like pain management, keep sessions within the range of 15-20 minutes and use a moderate temperature, typically around 110-130 Β°F (43-54 Β°C). This duration allows the heat to penetrate sufficiently for relief without subjecting your skin to prolonged high temperatures.
  • When using the pad for muscle recovery or more intense therapy, you can extend sessions to 45-60 minutes, but stay within the manufacturer's recommended temperature range. 
  • For relaxation, sessions can extend from one hour to several, but it's important to bear in mind that, during longer relaxation sessions, it's prudent to periodically check the pad and your skin for any signs of discomfort or irritation.

πŸ” Skin sensitivity

Individuals with sensitive skin or specific medical conditions may have a higher susceptibility to burns or skin irritation when using heating pads. Closely observe how your skin responds during and after use.

πŸ” Proper placement

Avoid folding or bunching up the pad, as this can result in uneven heating and potential hotspots that may pose a risk of burns. 

πŸ” Monitoring and skin care

As a best practice, periodically check the skin beneath the heating pad, especially when using it for an extended duration. Regular monitoring can help detect any signs of redness, irritation, or discomfort early on.

IReliev Far Infrared Heating Pad dpl Joint Wrap Infrared heating pad Infrared PEMF Go Mat
IReliev Far Infrared Heating Paddpl Joint WrapWeightedWarmth Heating PadInfrared PEMF Go Mat
Best versatile infrared heating padBest device for joint pain reliefBest infrared neck and shoulder heating padBest combination of pain relief and relaxation

The Verdict

In recent times, infrared heating pads have surged in popularity due to their natural and effective approach to addressing a wide range of health concerns while promoting overall well-being. 

Here, we've highlighted some of the top products on the market, each distinguished by its effectiveness and the adoration it receives from users:

  • IReliev Far Infrared Heating Pad β€” Best versatile infrared heating pad
  • dpl Joint Wrap β€” Best device for joint pain relief
  • WeightedWarmth Heating Pad β€” Best infrared neck and shoulder heating pad
  • Infrared PEMF Go Mat β€” Best combination of pain relief and relaxation

With the right selection and careful use, an infrared heating pad can become a valuable and harmonious addition to your overall health and well-being routine.


πŸ” How do I choose the right size and type of infrared heating pad for my needs?

Consider the areas you want to target and your intended usage. Larger pads cover more significant areas, while smaller ones are more focused. Some models are designed for specific body parts, such as neck and shoulder heating pads.

⏰ How long should I use an infrared heating pad?

The duration of use depends on your comfort level and the specific purpose. Typically, sessions can range from 15 to 60 minutes, but it's essential not to overuse the pad.

πŸ›Œ Can I sleep with an infrared heating pad on?

It is not recommended to sleep with an infrared heating pad on, as it can pose a fire hazard and may lead to burns or other complications. Always use the device in a safe and controlled environment.

🧼 How to clean an infrared heating pad?

Typically, you can clean the surface by gently wiping it with a damp cloth or using a mild detergent solution. Prior to cleaning, ensure that the pad is unplugged and has had sufficient time to cool down.


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