How to Tan Faster? 5 Easy Tricks for a Beautiful Tan

Everyone wants to look tanned and beautiful in summer, don't they? That's why many people are looking to how to tan faster, so they can show off tawny skin in just a couple of days. However, not everyone knows good tips on tanning without burning, but we have some solutions for you. 

Below, we will tell you 5 ways to make yourself a perfect tan as fast as possible. So hurry up and read on, and you'll soon be enjoying the ideal bronze body.

Factors That Affect the Tan

There are many reasons why people can get tan quickly. Here are a few factors that affect how fast a tan appears:

  1. Skin type

The lighter your skin, the harder it will be to get a golden tone. For darker-skinned people, a quick tan will be less of a problem, naturally, and it takes less time.

  1. The amount of melanin in the body

To produce melanin, our body must convert solar energy into vitamin D. The more of this supplement we have, the better prepared our skin is to perceive sunlight. 

According to some scientists, the presence of melanin in the skin is believed to stimulate the production of this pigment, which, in turn, leads to your tan [1]. 

  1. Age 

As we age, our bodies produce less and less melanin. So the older we get, the longer it takes to get a tan.

Does Water Make You Tan Faster?

How to tan faster

There is a lot of debate over whether water makes people tan faster. And the science behind it is still up for discussion. 

Some people believe that salt water can make a tan faster and more beautiful. However, research has shown that the sea doesn’t affect skin pigment production, which is responsible for tanning the skin [2]. Scientists have said that water can only keep the skin from overheating. 

So, while the water itself may not affect the tanning process, staying hydrated is important for overall health and can help your skin look and feel its best.

5 Tips on Faster Tanning

There are many ways to tawny, but it's worth sticking to some tips on faster tanning reactions. Let's learn more about them and determine how to get a dark tan in a short time.

Specialty Nutrition

You can begin incorporating foods that are rich in beta-carotene into your diet. 

Beta-carotene is a bright orange pigment that is found in some products and can affect our skin color.

Some of the fruits and vegetables are rich in beta-carotene: carrots and sweet potatoes, peppers, cantaloupe, spinach, and kale. It is converted into vitamin A in the body and is important for maintaining healthy skin. 

A growing number of research studies show that people who include these foods in their diet have increased the amount of pigment on their dermis, which makes our skin tan [3]. 

The intake of such products is safe in moderation. However, it is important to keep a balance with your diet by simply adding a few foods like spinach, mushrooms, carrots, and others to get the body to start releasing melanin.

Avoid Bathing After Getting a Tan

If you want to not only get a quick tawny but also keep the effect longer, it is important to care of your skin after sunbathing. This means not taking too many showers and not rubbing yourself with loofahs or scrubs. 

Moreover, it is important to reconsider shaving and waxing so as not only to protect your suntan but also not to harm your skin. After UV exposure, the dermis becomes more sensitive and therefore more irritable. So it is recommended to avoid the application of aggressive products and choose lotions with soothing effects or panthenol. 

Additional Cosmetics

When tanning, cosmetics can be an advantageous addition to your skincare routine. With just a few simple steps, these products can help you achieve golden skin quickly and easily. 

This includes tanning oils, special blends of oils with bronzer, creams that create tanning, and more. The list of such remedies is quite extensive, as it is in great demand. 

You can find them on the Internet and choose the right kind of remedy for a quick tan. Don’t forget to read reviews and check the composition of the products before buying to protect your skin.


Skin tones
Skin tones and recommended SPF level for skin protection

Skincare is incredibly important in the rapid tanning process. Our skin can burn, dry out, or be traumatized by the sun and more. That's why it's important to use at least an SPF 30 cream before and during the tanning (look at the picture above to determine what kind of SPF you need), and apply your skin with moisturizers and soothers afterward. That way you can not only get a beautiful tan but also keep your skin smooth and supple. The higher the SPF level, the better protection your skin will get.



A solarium is a fast-tanning cabin that offers a unique experience for those who don't have the opportunity and time for traditional sunbathing. The salon uses solar panels or ultraviolet rays. They can make your skin tan in a few minutes. 

However, it is important not to overdo it by going to the tanning salon too often, because it isn’t a very good procedure for your skin. The rays that are emitted in a solarium irritate the upper layers of the skin, injuring it. Too frequent procedures can cause burns and roughening of the skin. You can use a tanning bed, but do it in moderation. For beginners 5-7 minutes per session is enough, and the total number of visits (course) should not be more than 10 times, taking into account the interval between visits.

Note that before starting the procedure, it is better to take a bath, steam, and exfoliate the skin so that the tan will lie down and be absorbed into the skin better. If you take care of your skin, then you can be sure that the result will appear faster.

How To Get a Tan in One Day Without the Sun?

If you don't have time for traditional sunbathing — choose the solarium to get a tan in one day without the sun. 

Different types of tanning beds can provide you with a tawny, so it is important to select one that’s right for you. Here are the types of solarium:

  • Horizontal — a capsule where you can lie down while ultraviolet rays make you tan;
  • Vertical — the same as the horizontal, only here you will need to stand (usually it doesn’t last long, no more than 10 minutes per session for beginners);
  • Tanning chair — a chair with a small canopy that houses UV lamps that make you tan, but they are mostly suitable for smoothing your upper body tan, or tanning your face;
  • Turbo-solariums — these are all of the above, but more advanced, which have more power, and it is enough to spend no more than 7–8 minutes in them to get a tan.

Another key to getting a quick and easy tan is to use any self-tanning balm before going to bed. Apply the lotion again in the morning after you sleep, and preferably don't take a bath for a few hours so that the result lasts longer. Overnight, you will already have a slight tan. But it should be noted that during the use of such lotion, it is better to choose a dark bed or one that is not sorry to get dirty, because it can transfer its effects to the fabric. 

The Dangers of Actively Getting a Tan

Getting a Tan

Tanning is the activation of melanin production in our skin, which can lead to various health risks: 

  1. Sun exposure tanning may increase the risk of acquiring skin cancer. It can appear as a consequence of permanent damage to the dermis. In other situations, burns or clogged pores can occur.
  2. Chemicals used in tanning beds, some of which can be harmful to health. This means that it is better not to use any tanning products, cosmetics, and creams when visiting the salon because, in combination with ultraviolet light, it can cause burns to the skin
  3. Tan may not last long if you don't use sunscreen every day, as well as brown spots may appear on your skin. The fact is that such pigment spots can grow into neoplasms, and they won’t always be benign. Malignant formations will need to be removed before they can spread.

It is important to remember that you should control the time you spend in the sun and leave in time — if you blaze in the sun or a tanning bed by accident, you can get severe burns or even melanoma. This shows that it should be taken seriously and if anything, you should see a doctor.


There are several different ways to get a tan. The best method to get the tawny you want is to follow our advice. 

So if you are considering how to tan faster, go to a solarium and use auxiliary care products, like SPF creams, moisturizers, and soothing lotions. If you are considering how to tawny outside fast, then go to the beach at a safe time, when the UV index is in the range of 3-5, and use special sunscreens. 

We are sure that soon you will get the desired results!


🥥 Can I use coconut oil for tanning?

There are different views on the use of coconut oil for tanning. Some believe that it can impart a tawny, while others warn that it may not be effective. However, if you use the oil properly, you can get the bronze skin you want naturally since coconut oil doesn’t contain any chemicals and won’t be able to harm your dermis.

☀️ Is it possible to get a tan in 3 days?

No need to spend hours in the sun, because you can find tanning beds nearby. Whether you are looking for a natural or artificial tan, both will give you a healthy glow in a few days. Tanning beds are easy to find and relatively affordable, so you can get a tan in 3 days.

🏖️ Will tanning near the sea be better?

Tanning by the sea is often seen as the best option because of the sun’s warmth. However, some concerns may arise if the desire to get a tan by sea will cause you to frequent trips to the beach. To avoid them, it is important to be at the sea at certain times when the UV index isn’t high (level 1 to 5). In addition, it is main to take care of your skin by applying sunscreen.

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