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Unleash all the benefits of red light therapy & forget about pains

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Learn how to take care of your pains with the benefits of red light therapy for pain relief. This guide is your go-to resource for expert insights that not only save you time and money but also extend the effectiveness of red light therapy in managing pain.


Having turned light therapy into my life's work, I spent years studying its effects on various conditions. To be honest, I myself went from disbelief in the workings of this method to recognizing its effectiveness through science.

Seeing how many of my clients are asking about the effects of red light therapy on pain, I decided to gather all my knowledge on this topic in one place and release this guide.

So, my mission is to share knowledge and help get rid of pain or at least alleviate it for those who suffer from it.

Jose Diego Mier
Founder of the Heliotherapy Research Institute


  • Chronic pain sufferers
If you struggle with daily aches, stiffness, or soreness – from arthritis, back pain, muscle tension, or sports injuries – this guide can help.
  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts
Want to recover faster and prevent injuries? Learn how red light therapy can optimize your performance and get you back in the game quicker.
  • People seeking natural pain relief
Tired of medications and their side effects? Explore a drug-free, non-invasive approach to managing pain.
  • Anyone curious about cutting-edge wellness
Discover the science behind red light therapy and its potential to improve your overall well-being.

Sounds familiar? Download your copy today and take control of your pain!


Research → actionable steps

This guide puts hundreds of hours of research into clear, practical steps. Learn how to use red light therapy effectively and safely for your specific needs.

Clinically-backed solutions 

This guide explores 25+ clinical studies that validate the effectiveness of red light therapy for various pain conditions.

Save time and money

This guide provides a clear and reliable resource, saving you valuable time you'd spend sifting through conflicting information about pain relief.

Finally take control of your pain

Gain the knowledge you need to make informed choices about your health and well-being. Our e-book equips you to become an expert on your own pain management.


What is red light therapy and how does it work for pain relief

All the basics you should know about red light therapy with a focus on utilizing it specifically for pain management.
Using red light therapy for different types of pain
Pain is a general word for many different conditions. Red light therapy is not a magic pill for everything, but we have described 7 cases where it may come in handy.
Advice on choosing the right device
There are a few types of red light therapy devices, each with its set of pros and cons and best use cases — all of it awaits you in the guide.
Safety considerations and possible side effects
Just as proper exercise technique is important in the gym, it is crucial to follow certain rules while using red light therapy. Plus, even though side effects are rare, you should be aware of them.
Our own little research into the effectiveness of red light therapy for pain and uncovering all the myths about it
Let us stay a little mysterious, but this section may prove to be the most fascinating and insightful from the entire guide 🤭
No non-sense claims
If there's one thing our team avoids, it's making unsubstantiated or untrue statements. Even if the truth is unpalatable, we don't hide it from you and speak openly about what works and what doesn't.


But do judge by its demo page!


Sarah J.

I was skeptical at first, but…

I was skeptical at first, but this guide has made me a believer. It’s not just informative but also kind of inspiring. I’ve got a comprehensive overview of how red light therapy works, its benefits, and how to effectively use it for various types of pain. And this was exactly what I needed because I wasn’t sure if it may work for my issue. I’ve tried some tips from this e-book and they alleviated my pain and improved my overall wellbeing, so I can’t be more happy with it!

Amelia G.

A great starting point

This e-book was a great starting point for me to learn about red light therapy. It's clear, concise, and well-organized, making it easy to understand the science behind the treatment. I especially liked the detailed information on different types of pain and how red light therapy can target them. However, I would have liked some more guidance on choosing the right red light device for home use. Overall, a helpful resource that sparked my interest in this alternative therapy.

Laura K.

A great starting point

Wow! This e-book is packed with valuable insights on red light therapy. I was struggling with chronic knee pain and had exhausted other options. This guide opened my eyes to the potential of red light therapy and gave me the confidence to try it myself. The instructions for using the therapy were straightforward, and I found the case studies particularly motivating. While I'm definitely experiencing pain relief, it would be great to see more success stories from people with similar pain issues!


Will it work for my specific problem?
The guide includes tips on using red light therapy for different types of pains, from aching joints to migraines. We can’t guarantee 100% effectiveness for any specific conditions, but we do share all possible outcomes and pitfalls.

Will the guide suit me if I want to use red light therapy for other issues?
No. This guide was developed to fully describe the use of red light therapy for pain management, so it doesn’t include information about using RLT to improve skin conditions, etc.

How do I get access to the guide?
When the payment is processed, the guide will be sent to your email.

Is my data (email, card) secure?
We do not store your credit card data and do not see it; it is handled by the payment provider directly.

What if I don’t like the guide? Is there any refund system?
Within 7 days after purchase, you can request a refund by just filling in the return form and we will refund your money.

Note: Stripe (payment provider) won’t return the commission it takes for its services (the commission is 5.85% of the cost of guide).

Doctor Mier

Return form

We are sorry that you decided to return our guide 🙁
We are always open to suggestions and would appreciate your feedback to make the product perfect and maximum useful for those who are into in red light therapy.

Return form

We are sorry that you decided to return our guide 🙁
We are always open to suggestions and would appreciate your feedback to make the product perfect and maximum useful for those who are into in red light therapy.