Ed Morata

My Story

Founder and CEO at Eneas International, a private equity firm based in Madrid that invests in disruptive tech-enabled companies in Spain and Portugal.  I also serve as CEO of Lug Healthcare Technology, one of our innovative portfolio companies, whose software platform is revolutionizing the way that hospitals worldwide prepare and deliver medications to patients.

When I am not investing in emerging companies and helping them expand into Latin America and other markets, my focus is on building communities in my adopted hometown of Boston. I am passionate about social entrepreneurship, impact investing and conscious capitalism.

These are still niche concepts, but some day they will be mainstream.

Some day the idea of the “triple bottom line” –financially, socially and environmentally sustainable companies– will be a bedrock principle of modern capitalism. Until then, I will continue to promote these topics by writing and speaking to audiences wherever I am welcome. The world needs more companies that not only deliver a positive return to investors, but also deliver social benefits to communities, while not harming the climate.

A former banker and asset manager, who has lived and worked in four continents, from London to Hong Kong, I consider myself a citizen of the world. In Boston, I’m pegged as a Latino. In Madrid, I’m pegged as a Brazilian. And in my native Sao Paulo, I’m now considered a gringo. But it’s all good. BuenĂ­simo. Tudo Ă³timo!




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